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If you can push your way past Teensy-Tiny Buck and Cap & Bucky Bobbles, you'll find Itty Cap!

Teensy-Tiny Bucky is very excited, and Bucky Bobble has offered him his special crochet hat in case he's too lonely until Itty Bitty Bucky gets here.

(Coulson is pretty excited too... he keeps whispering "On your left" to Itty Cap.)
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Cap & Bucky have two new friends. Cap's a little in shock but Bucky's already adopted them...

Bucky: "Aw, would you get a load of this little guy!"

Cap: ...

Bucky: "He's so cute. And little. Kinda like you used to be!"

Cap: ...

Bucky: "Oh hey, he's got a buddy! Mini Cap and Mini Falcon! Team Mini Cap!"

Cap: ...

(I just can't seem to stop buying Funko Pops. And I've still got the yet-to-come-out Civil War Winter Soldier...

*sigh* Oh well, it's more fun than a closet full of shoes, I guess. And a lot cheaper.)
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Yeah, um... I don't really know what's happening on my desk anymore.

Bucky's latest mission... )
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Big Cap and Big Bucky had to go away to someplace safe while the kitchen reno was going on. They're back now, and while Cap enjoyed the peace and quiet and took a long, restful nap, Bucky is exhausted from watching over Cap all that time. He never complained because he understood the reason for the mission, but he didn't like having to stay in a box. It felt too much like cryo.

But once he and Cap were out, he rescued a teddy bear from the old junk drawer, and now Cap and all his funny big-headed friends--especially the one that looks just like him--are around him to help him feel safe while he finally takes a much needed nap.
 photo IMAG8184_zpsd093be70.jpg
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Bucky is worried. He heard that Cap has to go fight big, scary robots this weekend...
 photo IMAG6261_1_zps758380a7.jpg
...and he can't go to protect Steve because he's not well enough yet after all that HYDRA did to him.
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When Thor photobombs Cap & Bucky's selfie...

 photo IMAG6252_zps2668f19e.jpg
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 photo IMAG4886-1_zps01377186.jpg

Bucky: Hey look, I'm a hipster!

Cap: ...

Natasha, singing softly: "... 'I wear my grandma's clothes, I look incredible'..."

Aragorn: *snickers*

Bucky: *scowls*

A few minutes later...

 photo IMAG4883-1-1_zps40268038.jpg

"Make fun all you want... for the first time in seventy years, my head is WARM!!!"

(with apologies to Macklemore...nsfw link!)
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In which Cap finds some good reading but wants more... they ALL want more....

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... I've been calling this series a "quest", but it's become painfully obvious that at least two of these little bobbles aren't heading out any time soon.
Quest postponed... )
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In order to spread positive thinking, list three positive things of your day for five days in a row, and tag three people to do this meme.


2) I really want to put #1 for all three, but I'll spare you. LOL #2 is... the St. Louis Cardinals, after an entirely unimpressive rollercoaster of a season marred by injuries and an offense that sputtered worse than my sister's old 1973 VW Bug engine, finally seem to have their act together, just in time for the pennant race. They're atop their division by a good margin.

3) The bananas I bought Saturday are in the perfect condition of ripeness. Seriously, you have no idea how important that is to me. :D

Short today because I have to get a quick shower and then GO BUY CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDER AND WATCH ALL THE BUCKY & CAP GOODNESS (and badness *sniff* Awww, Bucky....).

 photo IMAG4356-1_zps13c38167.jpg
Cap: Don't feel bad, Bucky... we still love you! It wasn't your fault...
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Interesting article today on what the Russo brothers will include in Cap 3:

"The heart of the movie will be Steve Rogers’ complicated relationship with his childhood friend Bucky Barnes..."


This relieves me greatly, because after some of the little things coming out of Comic-Con, like, I dunno, THIS...

Cap's Shattered Shield, Age of Ultron, SDCC photo Btk3uwhCYAAO3KR_zps6a271247.jpg

.... I was seriously worried that Avengers: Age of Ultron would mark the end of Steve Rogers. Now... kinda doesn't seem like it will? One would hope??

Cap & Bucky Bobble are relieved. I think. )

Yeah, like the article says, their friendship is... complicated.
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In which Captain America and Bucky Barnes realize that, while they were respectively frozen in an iceberg (Cap) and unthawed only long enough to wreak havoc but never allowed to go to the movies or read a book for fun (Bucky), they missed out on one of the best literary and cinematic events of the last half-century.

So it begins... )
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It's a rainy Sunday morning, and Cap and Bucky were up late cleaning the whole house... Aragorn told me not to disturb them because they cooperated so nicely together that the boys deserve a good rest.

So shhhh... Cap & Bucky Bobble are sleeping...

 photo IMAG3390-1_zpsc3252dce.jpg

(Truthfully... my kid was so buzzed on painpills last night that she was up at 2 am cleaning the house. I... didn't know what to think!)
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My daughter had 2 wisdom teeth extracted this morning so I'm a bit taken up with fetching and carrying and ice packs etc. So no adventures today or perhaps a few days, but I'm sure we'll get back to it when she's feeling better again and is up and about messing with them. :)

In the meantime, how about eye candy from the movie, from the tumblrs...Very big eye candy... happy scrolling! )
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 photo IMAG3365-1_zps01195334.jpg

Aragorn: Hey, have a care about the boots, Bucko. They may be muddy but they're the best fitting pair I've ever had.

Bucky, looking up at Aragorn: Who the hell is Bucko?

Aragorn: ...
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 photo de8cf066-fa4f-47a2-9b0c-9ec5206add5c_zps95869857.jpg

Once again, not sure this morning what happened. It kinda looks like Cap and Bucky had a WWF-Raw style wrestling match and Cap won.

Either that or the cat got up there and knocked down Bucky and now Cap's on High Alert For Felonious Felines, protecting Bucky until he recovers.  Awww. Protective!Cap.

It's a toss-up, and Aragorn's being too stoic.
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Well, okay, maybe a few theories (Aragorn is no use... he's in the corner, laughing helplessly and choking on his ale):

 photo IMAG3345-1_zps3467402c.jpg

Theory #1: Bucky won the fight last night.
Theory #2: Bucky has taken up psychiatry and Cap is pouring out all his problems, most of which center around, well, Bucky.

 photo IMAG3346-1_zps9045a5b4.jpg

Theory #3: Hydra has attacked, wanting their Winter Soldier back, and since Cap is down, Buck is using his big ol' head for cover.
THeory #4: Same deal with Hydra, only they're gone and now Bucky is kissing Cap's boo-boo to make it better (and finding it impossible to do with that mask on his lower face).

And my daughter is killing me with these little set-ups each morning, she who makes fun of my current obsession with The Winter Soldier...
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This morning:

 photo IMAG3341_zpsef63610c.jpg

Aragorn looks pretty calm, kind of like a mother hen watching over sleeping chicks, so I think this morning, Cap and Bucky decided to sleep late. Or maybe he got tired of their antics and simply whacked both of them upside the head with that yellow pencil. He does look a little smug...

Oh dear...

Jun. 8th, 2014 09:28 am
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This is how I found my Cap and Bucky Bobbles this morning...

 photo IMAG3330_zps05378360.jpg

Either Bucky had a flashback and forgot Cap was his friend, not his mission, or my daughter last night must have thought they needed to go to sleep. Aragorn's not saying, so he's no help. :/

I'd separate the two of them but Cap is sure to just go running after Bucky to find him again, and the cats would probably chase *him*, and then Domino would chase the cats and no one would get any sleep. *sigh*

Who knew managing these little bobbles would be so hard!


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