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"Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity." GK Chesterton, Defendant, 1901

"Fairy tales are more than true — not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten." GK Chesterton

Been a while since I updated this profile... I hate writing my own profile but I like reading everyone else's so, um, yeah, I need to have something on here, don't I? Quid pro quo and all that. So here you go:

This journal is a combination of locked & public. I've become a big Tolkien fan in recent years and this journal is largely for fandom participation. So fic and Aragorn-a-day entries are public; the personal stuff is flocked.

What is Aragorn-a-day, you ask? I post a screen cap of Viggo's version of Aragorn each day, and we all ooh and ah and, as the motto at the Viggo-works website says, do some dignified drooling over them. :) One important note: because this journal doesn't have a content-warning, and I don't ever want it to have a content-warning, and because I do have some friends that are teens, please keep comments and drooling to PG/PG-13 levels!

I write LOTR fanfiction... mostly stories that center on Aragorn and his friendship with Halbarad and the lives of the Dunedain (yes, that's supposed to have an accent mark over the "u" but I'm lazy). But I also delve into other parts of Aragorn's life and times--his friendship with Gandalf, his relationship with Elrond and the other Rivendell denizens, 4th Age King Elessar stories... basically anything that the muse stirs up. Someday I might try Silm-based fics, but I still need to study that part of Tolkien a lot more before I tackle any ideas. I don't write and rarely read slash or erotica; not my thing. Any romantic stuff I tend to write with an eye toward "less is more" and "fade to black". But romance isn't really my forte' anyway. I'd rather write about sword fights and the camaraderie that develops between brothers-at-arms, and I find fics that center on the men more interesting than ones that center on females. Nothing against the chick-fics, but... yeah, see my interests and you'll see a lot of authors listed that feature male protags. McCarthy, Tolkien, Child, Francis, Cornwell--their books tend to center about men. I guess you can call me a hopeless non-romantic?? (And I can't believe I'm apparently the only person on LJ who lists author Fred Grove on their interests. I know not a lot of folks read westerns, but out of how many millions, I'm it??? Unreal...)

At any rate, I post my fic both here and at:

Naice a Nilme

Stories of Arda

And I've started adding my stories, very slowly, to

So all that is my fandom side. In "real life", I'm a typical American, if such a thing exists in such a diverse nation. I'm political, but I don't engage in debates... I've found politics and friendship rarely mix; too much heated debate leads to hard feelings and I don't think pushing my opinion on others is worth that. I'm a Christian. Not perfect by any means but I'm learning. I'm a wife and mother. In other words ... I'm a human just trying to live by Abraham Lincoln's words "with malice toward none", not always hitting the mark, I'm sure, for no one can, but aiming for that nonetheless, as we all are.

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