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[ profile] bluegerl , to distract you from all the medical hoops you're having to jump through, here's your darling Seb's latest antics that he posted to his Instagram account yesterday. He's the one in red shorts who looks about 12.

(I hope this actually plays....)

He's such an adorable child.
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My dearest [ profile] bluegerl it is with much mortification I wish you a happy belated birthday! I saw from your post that it was indeed a happy one, so may these pics of a certain curly-smiled, soulful-eyed sweetie extend the enjoyment a little longer!

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I haven't posted each update notice here because I figure anyone here who's interested probably has already subscribed to my stories either on Ao3 or  But in case not, Mr. Fix It is up to five chapters now.

Captain America: Civil War will (FINALLY) open in the US this weekend, and I'm very curious how it may affect the direction of my story. Some of my Bucky Barnes gapfilling seem to be uncannily matching up with things that I later hear Sebastian Stan say about about Bucky's state of mind and what he's been up to since CA:TWS, but other things look to be completely AU.

Speaking of what he says about the character, Sebastian has a lovely habit of leaving nuggets of meta gold on fans' IG posts....Character meta straight from Sebastion Stan... )
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There's been a lot of buzz around tumblr and IG about how much Sebastian Stan looks like a young Mark Hamill:

 photo seb and luke_zpsdjjyucyb.jpg
I'd call that a fair comparison... he really does share the same features, uncannily so in some photos. So of course, this has also led to a lot of fans calling for him to play Luke's son or more plausibly to play a young Luke in a flashback scene.

One intrepid Star Wars/Sebastian fan put up this post on IG, and look at who commented on it at the bottom:

 photo seb sw tryout_zpssajjmpds.jpg

(Yes, that's his official IG account.)

He had four auditions! I wonder if they were call-backs or if he just kept showing up hoping to get a role out of sheer stubborn determination, like Steve Rogers trying to get into the Army seventeen times. It's intriguing and makes me wonder if he did at least leave a favorable impression (especially if they were of the call back nature where they wanted to see him, rather than the other way around), a strong enough one that might lead to a future role in the franchise, as he hopes. But can you imagine JJ Abrams et al looking at him for, say, Poe Dameron's part but having to turn him down because he does look so much like Luke Skywalker it might skew the entire plot... or at least mess with the audience's expectations so much that it leads to a complete FUBAR when it's revealed he doesn't really have anything to do with the Skywalker clan other than being a damn good pilot in the Rebellion. *g*

(Sidenote: I get so tickled at the teenage girls now suddenly going nuts on tumblr fangirling over young Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill, who *I* fangirled over back in the day... it's just so odd. But fun. Definitely fun.)
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I get a daily email from Amazon listing Kindle books on deep discount for a day, and today's had listed Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And yes, my reaction was pretty much, "Wait what is that the NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar???" Turns out it is. Also turns out he's written several books, and it turns out he has a degree in English and history. Huh. The things you learn.

Also, I need this:

 photo Winter-Soldier-Dorbz.jpg

Is that not the cutest??? There's one of those little smiling figures for all the Captain America: Civil War characters, which will probably be the only time we see any of them, you know, smile.

Sebastian Stan's reaction to it on his Weibo account was a little hilarious:

 photo Seb weibo dorbz_zps4vwuhygb.jpg

Oops. XD

Hubby said, "Does that mean you can't buy one?" To which I replied, "NO. It just means I want it that much more!"  Reverse marketing, I guess. *g*

They're available in March or April.

Oh Nath....

Dec. 3rd, 2015 04:52 pm
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I'm just putting this here for you, [ profile] mrowe, in case you missed seeing it on tumblr. Because that would be a shame.

It's Seb photoshopped as the Prince of Persia, but I could find him a home in Middle-earth. Yep. Gondorian warrior, defending King Elessar... maybe a transplanted northern Dunadan named Eledh, now living in the South, loving the warm climate so much he refuses to wear sleeves...

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 photo Sebastian Stan tiff 2015_zpsm5buoohx.png
Sebastian Stan appearing for The Martian at TIFF.


He also told a fan that Captain America: Civil War was "gonna hurt." Ugggghhhhhh. :'(((((((
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The Martian official trailer is out!!!

Actually there are two trailers, the "official" one and a "viral teaser" one. Personally, I like the viral teaser one better because it shows a lot more Sebby. *g* But the film looks really good. It feels very, for lack of a better term, NASA-y, as it should if it does the book any justice at all.

And the 'viral' one:

It's almost too much to hope that this one will rank up there with Apollo 13, which is my all-time favorite 'scifi with the emphasis on the sci' space movie, but it looks very promising. :)
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Sebastian Stan posted this to his instagram a few minutes ago...

 photo bucky civil war_zpsfkj8lkhi.jpg

I know it's "just" a selfie, but he's in character and, good lord, the expression in his eyes. So haunted. You can read anger and sorrow and rage and about a hundred other emotions in them, plus the haggard weariness in his face. Looking at him here, it's hard to believe that man was once this man:

 photo bucky in happier times_zps8fblbcre.jpg

This movie will kill me.
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Normally I do NOT spread paparazzi shots but... I can't not do it this time. There's been NO set photos of him and I've been dying to see what he looks like for Civil War and now... I just can't not share. My apologies, Sebs!


 photo seb stan cw hair and beard_zpsnmhu2wca.jpg
 photo seb stan civil war hair and beard_zpsen5d3czi.jpg

That beard is just... just... ajkldjklasdfoasdfjisldfjklsdjlksdf. I'm dying here. Dying, I tell you. I did NOT expect to see that when I logged onto tumblr this afternoon.

*fans self*

He's even wearing a navy baseball hat like the tag scene on CA:TWS, which makes me giggle for some reason.

(That's his girlfriend's and his little dog... so cute! She's in the shots, too, but I just wanted the shot of Bucky, er, I mean Sebastian.)
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... because while Age of Ultron was great fun, it didn't have any Sebby. Which means no Sebby on the press tour. Which is a shame, because the dude is really goofy, and whoever made this captured the true essence of the dorkiness* that is Sebastion Stan.

Hopefully when the Civil War press tour ramps up, he'll give us many more golden moments of "Wait, what?"

*"I fear sometimes that people sort of see me a certain way from some of these roles, and I can't wait for the opportunity to be like, "I'm such a dork!" Really, really -- I'm such a dork. I just pretend to be cool." - Sebastian Stan,
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...other than LJ seemed to need this on it.

 photo tumblr_nlk4h2EHsM1t5bzmco1_400_zps57f4bb55.png

Call it a community service.
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I keep trying to read novels and... then never seem to get around to finishing them, even when they're really, really good! Ugh. I blame the aftermath of the last three years of RL dreck. Too much loss in my life and maybe that's what's got my reading mojo screwed up--I don't want to incur the feeling of loss that comes when you finish a good book?? Who knows... that's getting way too navel-gaze-y for me.

So about the book I'm reading... )
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Sebastian Stan posted this on Instagram Monday evening.  I guess I'd be deliriously silly happy if I traded this weather for a beach right now, too.

 photo sebstaninstagramwithcaption_zps8cd695d4.jpg

*looks at my thermometer*

15F, windchill -4F.

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Oh golly, the pre-Christmas time crunch is about to commence, though I think I'm in pretty good shape overall. I have my shopping done (yay!) and all that's left is a wee bit more decorating and cleaning the house, plus getting in groceries. Christmas is still a week away but the meteorologists are starting to whisper that there's a chance of "significant" weather Christmas night, which really won't be a problem because by then my sister will be here, of course. She's the only one coming and plans on arriving Christmas Eve afternoon. So let it snow all it wants after that! :) Online time more than anything will be the thing that gets crunched most. Hubby's been out of town all week but should be home this evening or tomorrow morning, and he'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. We plan on really hitting all of my parents' belongings, getting them sorted and cleared out, then getting a start on redecorating their apartment into something that's "ours" again. I want to leave enough of their decor to honor their lives and time with us, but not so much that it feels like some sort of maudlin memorial, if that makes sense. To that end, we'll paint and rearrange furniture and repurpose the rooms and make it more of a guest suite/rec room sort of thing.

Still lots of dates open in my Talking Meme post if you have a question you want to ask me!

Also... I have to leave this here, because of reasons:

 photo tumblr_ngncxft3Ap1qzxp8ao1_r1_400_zpsf1c963a5.jpg

Sebastian Stan, cropped from the Romania GQ Dec 2014 cover, scans of which photoshoot almost broke tumblr for a day or two.

Happy Friday!


Sep. 30th, 2014 07:27 am
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(I really need a jaw-drop icon.)

I try to keep my Marvel/Sebastian Stan/Chris Evans squeeing to tumblr, but jiminy crickets, this has just started making the rounds....Scroll on if you're not into Sebby Stan... )
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Oh my gosh, laughing so hard... Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

These two... ! They really need to go on a comedy tour together. Seriously.
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Maybe *slightly* spoilery for Guardians of the Galaxy, but, seriously, by now I'm sure everyone has seen a pic of baby Groot by now. As for the other two... they're mostly just spoilery if you don't know that Chris Evans and Seb Stan are a couple of adorable dorks.
Chris Evans, Seb Stan & baby Groot, together for the first time... )


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