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Hubby called the cabinetmaker and at no cost to us they're going to give us a 27" cabinet for the left side of the stove that will match the erroneously placed 27" cabinet on the right side of the stove (instead of simply rearranging all the existing cabinets into the configuration in which they should have been installed to begin with). He's going to put a rush on the order so it shouldn't take as long as it usually does to get a new cabinet built. So I'll have an additional 3" of cabinet space, yay!

In other news, I've now fixed a real meal on my stove (not just ramen noodles but a beef/tomato/veggie one-pot). Other than it coming out a little bland because after the fifth time running downstairs for yet one more lid, bowl, knife, etc, I was too lazy to go get more of the spices I needed and I didn't have a clue where the ones I needed had got off to. But salt and pepper and a hefty handful of shredded cheese on top helped. (I would have loved to have added sriracha but hubby and Dink aren't fans of hot and spicy like I am, alas). I also fixed a summer salad of cucumber, tomatoes and sweet onions in a vinaigrette to go with it. Yum.

After a week and a half of dry weather, the rain is back today. August usually is our hot and dry month, but since last night there's an inch and a half in the rain gauge. We usually have to top off the pool several times a summer, because water evaporates and gets splashed out as we swim, etc, but this year we've actually had to drain off excess at times.

No swimming today, though. Too much lightning!
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I'm searching online for ark blueprints. Also searching for one of our cats. But first, the flood....

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The friends' page is *finally* fully customizable, as in, you can now color in all the boxes so there's no blinding white background. *does happy dance*

It's been *such* a busy week. I've been meeting myself coming and going. Tomorrow is one more day of busy-busy with a taekwondo tournament, but after that I hope to collapse for a couple days and do not much of anything. I've had so little time to mess about on LJ aside from scribbling out that ficlet... hence the lack of any responses to y'all's commentary on the A-a-days, but rest assured I have chuckled all week long. :)

I discovered a new group, thanks to Facebook (hey, it's actually good for something besides acquaintances complaining about their jobs, who knew). Facebook saw that I liked Kongos, so it suggested I check out The Incredible Magpie Band.  It's a group out of the UK, heavily influenced by 1960s groups like the Byrds, the Grass Roots, the Turtles... that sort of rock & roll/R&B/psychedelic stuff. So far in the US, they have exactly two songs for pre-sale on Amazon. There might be an album on iTunes in the UK, but I can't access the UK iTunes store without changing my iTunes store preference, and I'm afraid to try it because I might not be able to figure out how to get back home. LOL I'm not *really* a Luddite, but sometimes digital music stuff scares me. Anyway, I did find their YouTube account and found a series of acoustic performances they did, including one of the songs they're releasing soon:

Definitely going on the playlist, I think. The only thing that might change my mind is that I can't make out the lyrics very well, and they're so unknown at this point that no one's posted lyrics at metrolyrics or any of the usual sites. So if I discover they're misogynistic douche bags, my apologies. LOL But somehow I doubt they are.

Everybody have a terrific weekend!

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Crawling out from under the blankies at last, I think. The bronchitis is better, though apparently nighttime coughing is A Thing with bronchitis. Last night I coughed almost non-stop for 2 hours before I finally managed to soothe things down with warm water and honey and a dose of Sudafed. Ugh. I'm sure I'm driving the family nuts with all the coughing.

I doubt I'll go back and comment on y'all's journals, but I did read them all, usually while I was on my phone, coughing and hacking in the recliner late at night.

Enough about all that...

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The Winter Soldier gag reel! )

Who says there's no tears in baseball?? )
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Golly, guys, what a weekend. I spent about 98% of it sitting in a recliner, coughing my fool head off because somehow, in the middle of summer, I found a bronchitis germ. I mean, seriously, WHO GETS BRONCHITIS IN SUMMER???

I do, apparently.

Anyway. Marginally better this morning, though it's going to take a while to finally quit coughing.

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Okay, that's probably way more stuff than anyone has time to read. Have happy Mondays, everyone. :)
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Gosh, I'm so woefully behind in... everything. I'm feeling better, though, so that of course means I have all kinds of laundry and cleaning and just *stuff* piled up waiting to be tackled. I made a good dent in All The Things on Sunday, but Monday I was reminded my stamina isn't *quite* there yet. >.<   Nothing dire, just that getting my Dad's weekly groceries yesterday left me a lot more wiped out than it normally does. So, today is a stay-home day where I'm going to take it a little easier and, fingers crossed, get caught up on some writing, which I haven't done since my surgery because Brain Fog. Ugh. It takes a while for anesthesia to make its way out of the body, and then of course there's the whole "body is sucking up energy for healing so, Brain, you're just gonna have to take a number" thing. And Brain meanwhile is bouncing around in my skull using up its precious energy resources blurting random things at me like, "ARAGORN WHAT ABOUT ARAGORN THERE'S NOT MUCH ARAGORN H/C OUT THERE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????"


And, since seeing Captain America: Winter Soldier, my brain added another layer to the cacophonous chorus,


*cough* Ahem. Yeah. That character has smacked me straight in the feels, and tumblr, YOU ARE NOT HELPING. Although it's a perfect diversion during brain fogginess, I must say. (I also may or may not have ordered the Ed Brubaker Captain America: Winter Soldier comics.... okay, yeah, I did. Found Vol 1 & 2 gently used online and they'll be coming in a week or so. I've not read a comic book in years, since I was a kid, really, so I'm looking forward to getting these and wallowing in Winter Soldier feels catching up on the Cap canon that the movies are more or less following.)

And then there's Domino, who has decided that he must sleep ON TOP OF ME every night. Eurgh. I know on paper that sounds so, "Awwww, sweet!!!" But he's heavier than he looks. And he kicks and twitches. So sleep has been a little disrupted. Which contributes to the Brain Fog.

But rest assured, I'm reading everything here at LJ, from comments left on mine to everyone else's posts. I'm not commenting in return much, which kills me, but eventually I'll get caught up with everything and get back to annoying everyone actually conversing with everyone again.

*hugs to all*

Ah choo!

Mar. 21st, 2014 08:33 am
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While I was driving my daughter to school this morning, I drove past a corner of our property I can't see from the house, and to my dismay and alarm, I saw a puff of smoke coming out from the trees. I slowed down to look, but the smoke dissipated and there were no flames anywhere that I could see. I dropped off my daughter, drove back, and still saw no more smoke nor flames, so I wondered if it was perhaps pollen that I saw. I remember being in the Rockies during pine pollen season and seeing green clouds of pollen wafting on the wind, so I thought maybe this was juniper/cedar pollen. So I googled, because Google Knows All, and discovered that yes, cedar or juniper (same tree, different names) puff out clouds of grey pollen that look exactly like smoke:

That video, taken in east Texas, is far more dramatic than my little puff of "smoke", but you can see how, if you didn't know that was pollen, you might be calling the fire department (and that makes me wonder how many calls the fire department gets from people who don't realize that's pollen and not smoke!). I also wonder how many times I've looked out at our hills, which look pretty much like these in the video, and thought I was seeing mist rising when it was actually pollen.

Nature be crazy!
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William Shakespeare

Follow your spirit, and, upon this charge
Cry 'God for Harry, Cairistiona and Saint George!

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

It must have known this was my favorite work of Shakespeare. *g*

On a more serious note, I discovered that there's a way in which to help in regards to the missing jetliner. is a site that is crowdsourcing the search for the plane. You can go to the site, and after the satellite map of part of the search area loads, search grid by grid for anything that might be the plane or a part of the plane, or a life raft, or an oil slick, or anything that looks unusual. I spent a couple of hours today going over about 300 image sections. I only found three items to tag--they were a cluster of bright white spots that looked brighter than wavecaps but not like a whale or a ship or fishing boat. Mostly I was struck by just how huge the area is. They're now saying the plane may have gone on flying for 4 hours after it disappeared, so the search radius is just enormous (2500 miles). What the people behind TOMNOD are hoping is that with literally millions of people checking the satellite photos, someone might spot something that will help locate the plane. There's some differences of opinion whether such crowdsourcing efforts are worth it, but it does help me feel like perhaps I've helped a little. The site is a little slow and sometimes gets overloaded, but once you get the map image loaded, it's a simple enough thing to tag anything you spot. (There's apparently some sort of algorithm that compiles those tags that are most used and compiles the data for the proper authorities.)

The site occasionally goes down while they upload new maps, so if you can't access it, try again in an hour.
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I've been whining about the weather enough, so it's only fair I now give it praise where praise is due: today it's warm and pleasant, the perfect spring day, around 72F. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. Of course, by Wednesday we'll get snow, so... yeah. It's still fickle, this weather of ours.

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I was told that as the nerves heal after my surgery, I'd feel odd twinges, and that sometimes it would feel like water is running down my side.

Yep. It's true. And very weird.

Also... this:

 photo aa4a44c9-7576-429a-aa15-ac9b220d80be_zps56d4be24.jpg

Which is pretty much how I'm feeling right now. Too much to do, too little time! *panicky flails*
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Currently typing on the new Fellowes split keyboard! It seems much better than the one I returned; hey-ho, the space bar actually presses without having to pound it. What a concept!

The keys are quieter than my old one, but pretty much feel the same in almost every way.

I think we have a winner!

About the row of Sooper Speshul Keys:  There's one marked WWW that, not surprisingly, opens up Mozilla (or if Mozilla is already open, apparently defaults it to the home page. *makes note not to press that key when in the middle of an email or LJ post*). Another one is marked E-mail and it opens up Windows Mail, which I don't use and don't plan to, so that one's useless. Another is labelled "Search" and so far as I can tell, it does nothing, though I may have by pressing the button released a bunch of St. Bernards into the Alps.  Another says "Sleep"... and as advertised, puts my 'puter to sleep (oh how I wish it would put my teenager to sleep). And there are volume controls which also seem to work as advertised.

It doesn't look like I can reprogram them, so alas, no button for a calculator, [ profile] the_winterwitch!

And another good thing... the layout is just like my old keyboard so I'm happily typing away as easily as before the old one deteriorated, and there's a tiny little ridge on the J and F keys. I was forever putting my hand in the wrong spot on that temporary keyboard, which had no handy little ridges, so everything I typed looked like some sort of Tolkien knock-off, made-up fantasy language. You know: tje rogjt jamd ;etters were a;; pff bu pme/    ("the right hand letters were all off by one.")  And praise be, the delete/insert keys are where they should be, arranged vertically instead of horizontally like on the temporary keyboard. I was forever trying to hit "home" and getting "insert" instead.

So yay! It appears I'm back in business.
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My admittedlyvenerable computer keyboard is dying, i think. THe shift key is sticking and the space bar is only working intermittently,and an hour popping off keysand cleaning didn't fix it (and i think something importantmay havebrokenoff the spacebar key. *looksat tiny plastic bit with some dismay*).

I suppose unless i want all my text looking like hashtags on twitter mated witheecummings poetry, i best hie me to the store fora new onetoday.

(see what I mean? AUghhhh!!!!laklsjdjdsdfojiosdffjsdfdsjdf0)
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My heart is broken, and my prayers go out to the families, the parents, the loved ones, and to the first responders who are working this horrific tragedy. I have been struggling all day to find words, to find eloquence and just can't, so here instead are words from writers who have the eloquence I lack.

Can I see another's woe, and not be in sorrow too?  - William Blake


I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil. - J.R.R. Tolkien


Sorrow comes in great waves...but rolls over us, and though it may almost smother us, it leaves us. And we know that if it is strong, we are stronger, inasmuch as it passes and we remain. - Henry James
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I will vote tomorrow.

I hope my fellow Americans will, too.

That is all.
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Isn't this the most beautiful cake?


You can order it at Cakes by Lisa in Florida, and I have no clue how much it would cost but I would guess... a lot!
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Isn't this the most beautiful cake?


You can order it at Cakes by Lisa in Florida, and I have no clue how much it would cost but I would guess... a lot!
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This, from my local National Weather Service forecast:

"A chance of showers and thunderstorms before midnight, then periods of showers and possibly a thunderstorm between midnight and 3am, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 3am."

Is there any reason they couldn't have simply said, "Chances of showers and thunderstorms all night"? Am I missing some subtle bit of meteorological protocol here???

*iz confused but fairly certain it will rain, either before midnight, between midnight and 3 am, and after 3 am*
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This, from my local National Weather Service forecast:

"A chance of showers and thunderstorms before midnight, then periods of showers and possibly a thunderstorm between midnight and 3am, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 3am."

Is there any reason they couldn't have simply said, "Chances of showers and thunderstorms all night"? Am I missing some subtle bit of meteorological protocol here???

*iz confused but fairly certain it will rain, either before midnight, between midnight and 3 am, and after 3 am*


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