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Well, our hopes for DLLC having gazillions stashed away have come to nothing, not surprisingly.
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Guys. GUYS. The EE of The Martian includes the scene where Commander Lewis tells Martinez to sleep in Beck's cabin and thereby busts open Beck and Johanssen's secret lovey-doveyness. *dies* And also >:(((( because they filmed that iconic moment in the book and didn't release it in the theater version.

Actually, it's... probably just as well because I'm sure I would have let out some ridiculously embarrassing *squeee awww oooh squeeee* noises in public when it happened because that's one of my favorite moments in the book. That Ridley Scott did at least film it does make up, in a small way, for his failure to have Beck respond to Beth's "Don't tell anyone I did that" with his "Don't tell anyone I liked it" line (even though, yes, Seb's acting there all but screamed it, with that giddy smile and shining eyes and lovesick puppy expression, but STILL FOREVER BITTER ABOUT THIS OMISSION).

I ordered that thing so fast my keyboard is smoking.

And I feel fully okay with that bit of wild money-tossing because I needed summer shirts desperately and found 5 at JC Penney's that fit well (FIVE... that alone borders on miraculous because between my normal 'shoulders as broad as Chris Evans' situation and 'must now always where loose sleeves because of post-breast cancer lymphedema prevention', I AM NOT EASY TO FIT, especially when the women's fashion industry insists women's arms are the size of raw spaghetti noodles). But even better? They were on sale... like 40-60% off on sale... and then when they rang up the purchases, they were even MORE on sale. I got all 5 nice shirts for less than $50, including sales tax, WHICH NEVER HAPPENS. I had been prepared to pay much more. So yes. Flinging $20 to Mars was the icing on that cake.

I have no regrets.
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No, I'm not talking about between diplomats and world leaders, but just in day-to-day conversations with friends from other cultures.

(Maybe I should have called it "inter-cultural" relations??)

There's nothing recent that's triggered this post, so no worries there, but it's just something that, over the years as I've made friends with people from all over the world, both in real life and online, occasionally gets me thinking, "I need to write up a post about this." Today I have time and inclination, so my point:

It's very easy to be unintentionally rude when chatting with those in or from other parts of the world (or even one's own country if there's a wealth of different cultures within it like there is in the US). I'm guilty of it myself, though it's something I'm working hard to overcome.

Here's a few phrases that you may not have realized can come across as condescending and/or even borderline xenophobic:

"That's not how we do it."
"What on earth is ____?"
"Well, here, we call it _______."
"I don't know how you do it in YOUR country, but here, we ______...."
"You don't have _____ in your country??"

I'm not one to dig for so-called "micro-aggressions" or "internalized -isms and -phobias", which are catchphrases lobbed about by people who find offense in EVERYTHING these days. I find people who get carried away with finding ways to be offended incredibly sanctimonious; they hinder humanity's struggle to improve rather than help, in my not-so-humble opinion. So trust me, I have no desire to Be That Guy.


While some may take it to an extreme, I do know that there are better ways of expressing myself:

"How interesting! We do it like _________ here."
"Can you tell me what _____ is?" (or better yet, google it first and then make an informed response!)
"Differences are so fascinating; we call that _________ here."
"We don't do it that way here, but that's interesting."
"I wish ________ was available where you live, because I think you'd enjoy it."

It's all very subtle, but we can all improve how we phrase things so that we don't come across as "Arrogant Americans or [insert culture here]" while showing our genuine interest in learning more about cultures different than our own. Something as simple as switching from English to metric measurements or Fahrehheit to Celsius (or vice versa!) when talking to people who use different standards of measurement will remove that sense of superiority that could be otherwise off-putting (because if you're just chatting about how lousy/wonderful the weather is, who really is looking for bonus unspoken commentary via heavy-handed socio-political overtones??)

Showing respect to all humans: it's not that hard.

(And, seriously, slap me if I slip up and imply that my way's the only way! Although in terms of common courtesy advice, it is. Bwa ha ha!)
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*crickets cheeping*

It's been quiet around LJ the last couple of days. I've noticed over the years that LJ activity definitely ebbs and flows. Some weeks there are more posts on my friends page that I can keep up with while other weeks have me checking every few hours wishing someone, anyone, would post something. Funny how often everyone gets busy at the same time. Maybe it has to do with moon phases, who knows. With it being so quiet here, I've been over on tumblr a little more, but it's quiet even over there. Even my rampaging viral Viggo quote about McDonald's french fries has slowed down. (Of all the stupid things to go viral, jeez. I'm tumblr famous for a quote about french fries. What is life.)

You'd think, with all that quiet, I'd get some writing done, but not so much. It was a busy week filled with various appointments, so I was out and about on the days I usually reserve for writing or reading. The only thing I accomplished was to eke out a very rough draft... oh gosh, so rough... of an idea I've had for a fic for The Martian fandom. Who knows if it'll turn into anything, but it'd be nice if it did, because that's a tiny fandom and needs all the fanworks it can get. There's very little actual realistic fic out there, the kind that's based on actual NASA science and procedures and not... hand-wavey crap like movie!Commander Lewis suddenly shoving actual-EVA-specialist Beck aside and slapping on an EMU (extravehicular mobility unit) in two minutes (I don't care if it's 30 years from now that this takes place... it takes a freakin' long time to put on an EMU) and going out to retrieve Watney to assuage her guilt. I STILL SO MANY ISSUES WITH THAT SCENE. SO.MANY.ISSUES.


/rant because that's not what this post is about. This post is really about what it means to be a member of a fandom.

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This seems like good news:

Captain America: Civil War Reportedly Scoring Well With Test Audiences

Good to know my impending death will be caused by a quality film. :/

Knowing how the comic book Civil War run plays out, and also knowing how the MCU only takes cues from the comics and doesn't necessarily follow the plotline frame by frame, I am by turns excited about this movie and absolutely dreading it. I have no idea where the characters will be by its end, whether dead*, alive, at eternal enmity??? Supposedly, the Russo's have said it contains more humor than CA:TWS, but if the 'third act pulls no punches' bit is true, I'm guessing the humor is mostly front loaded and the end of the movie will wreck everyone completely, regardless of whether they're Team Cap or Team Tony. :/

I'm just hoping I don't ugly cry in a public theater.

Also... VERY spoilery venting VERY COMICS SPOILERY VERY VERY VERY I CANNOT EXPRESS ENOUGH SPOILERY about the comics and my feelings because I need to just vent and tumblr isn't a place where I can vent and feel like anyone actually reads it, still less talk me down from the ledge to me about it.

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We survived Thanksgiving. In spite of still not feeling my best (but feeling better than I was before meds--still coughing but I can at least sleep at night now), I managed not to screw up cooking the turkey or anything else. The new oven baked the bird perfectly. The oven has a temperature probe that you insert into the meat and plug into an outlet on the stove wall, then you set the 'target temperature' (which for turkey is 165F). When the meat reaches the target temperature, the stove switches from baking to 'holding' until you're ready to get it out. Neat. We also discovered that the kitchen is the social gathering spot we'd hoped it'd be. With the breakfast bar, my sister was able to sit and chat while I cooked and at times all four of us ended up hanging out sitting on the stools or at the dining room table while things were cooking. Fun!

Hubby and Dink got up at the crack of dawn to dive into Black Friday shopping. Since they stirred up all the animals, I went ahead and got up as well, though I wasn't interesting in shopping in the least. Black Friday crowds are firmly atop my 'avoid like you would zombie hoards' list. They have a rainy, rainy day to do their shopping. It's going to rain all weekend, in fact. We've gotten almost 2 inches already and it's barely started, so I'm sure by the time this massive system finally moves on the rain gauge will be completely full once more, which will potentially make it 10+ inches in less than two weeks. Feel free to send me a snorkel.

My productivity since getting up so early: I made a new Bucky icon from an image from the trailer. *points* That's it so far. I'm going to see if I can't do a little writing before my sister gets up. Once she's up, we'll probably spend the day chatting, plus she hasn't seen Man From UNCLE yet and we liked that movie so much we bought it on DVD. Such an underrated film.

I really, really wish The Martian was out on DVD, but it won't be until after Christmas. *sigh* I need some Happy Sebby to offset all the sads the Civil War trailer gave me. I've been hiding out in that fandom a little, reading what little bit of Johanbeck fluff I can find, just to escape the angst. Yes, I said Johanbeck. Even though cutesy ship names make me grit my teeth, and even though I'm not much of a shipper at all, I love that little romance in The Martian. So sweet. It's the perfect thing to offset my Bucky-Steve-Tony-argh-would-you-guys-just-get-along frustration. Working on my Bucky WIP will also help in that regard. Writing fic while canon is still unfolding is always risky and my current Bucky WIP doesn't match up at all with MCU canon, but I'm staying with my vision. I need a lighter, happier Steve & Bucky reunion+going forward than what we'll likely see on screen next spring or what they gave us in the comics (Steve & Bucky rarely together afterward), so vive le AU!

Have a good Friday, everyone!
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Coming up for air after hitting 4 chapters this morning. I have 20 chapters to read in 20 days, so if I can manage 4-5 a day, I'll be golden as far as the Sept 7 deadline.

But I hit a wall because all morning I had a tummy ache and I finally decided to quit fighting it off while I read and do something brainless for a while (and thankfully the tummy ache is easing. No idea what caused it. Just one of those "mommy my tummy hurts" things, I guess).

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Ahh, Saturday. During summer, it's not as much of a "day off" for me as it is during the school year when I wake up knowing I don't have to lunge out of bed straight off to get ready to take Dink to school. I still have to get up and let the cats out and walk and feed the dog etc, but I can do that knowing that I can go back to bed if I want or stay up and have a leisurely cup of coffee in my pajamas. :)

Today will be somewhat busy. We decided on a paint color for the dining area... we're simply going to use the same color already on the walls in the living room, which is a warm beige-y tan color. When the backsplash tile came in and we laid several out to see how colors would go, we saw that the warm tan works well against it. It also works well with the poster and the propellor (which arrived while we were in Florida and looks every bit as cool as I'd hoped... when hubby gets it hung on the wall, I'll share pics). So painting is on the agenda, though it shouldn't take long with one entire wall missing and two others taken up by very large openings.

Still no countertops nor date for installation, which has me so frustrated I could spit. Since it's evidently a family emergency situation I can't really hold much ire, but still.. I have a kitchen that's *this* close to being usable staring at me all day long and nothing I can do about it. *sigh* To be honest, I'm still not entirely sure something less excusable is going on. *sigh* I'm still waiting on a reply to my latest text but I may need to punt to hubby to call, because he's more diplomatic than I am.

Other news... last night's sunset was lovely.

#sunset #Ozarks Northeast Greene County, before the storms rolled in.

Most of our weather moves west to east, so normally I'd see this and think of the old refrain, "Red at night, sailor's delight," but it ended up being the opposite as there was a line of strong retrograde storms that moved in from the east--the sunset was actually the leading edge of the storms instead of the remnants. Weird, but it happens a few times a year.

I hope all of you have lovely weekends!
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I'm at times amused by fandom, specifically the differences in my two fandoms. In LOTR, the 'good' reviewers tend to leave thoughtful critique, with often genius meta sprinkled in that could pass for collegiate level essay exam answers (complete with documentation).

However, in the Captain America/Marvel fandom, I know I've reached the pinnacle when I get one like this:


Thanks, I really needed heartbreak at work.

You monster. *sobs*

Yep. I've been called a monster. There can be no higher honor. XD

 photo VY3hL8QBKY0_zpsdobdlfrh.jpg

(That was for Orders Acknowledged, which is a bit of a heartrender. They'll probably destroy their computer--or mine--after they read the follow-up story I'm readying to post later this week...)
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Since I can't do Aragorn-a-day at present (still working at the Internet issues), I'm going to do a meme, because I haven't done a meme in ages and hey, talking about yourself is fun and half the reason we're all here. *g*

This one is from [ profile] engarian...

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So I wrote that one-shot Bucky-attends-Peggy's-funeral ficlet. I intended for it to be all there was, but now my brain is wanting the story to continue to a reunion between Steve & Bucky. And so are several reviewers. So of course as I start writing what I want to be a happy, huggy time turns instead into cigarette smoke triggering nasty, really nasty, memories for Buck that will push my nice K+ rating into M territory. What the heck, brain.

I blame the cabinet installer. He was supposed to have installed the cabinets yesterday but called in sick. Uh huh. The day after a 3-day weekend he calls in sick. I have my doubts his 'illness' was viral in nature. But maybe I'm just too cynical.

Fingers crossed he comes today. Update: They hadn't arrived by 10 am so I called and was told they would be there within an hour or so. *fingers crossed*

In the meantime, back to writing horrible sadness that I'm sure my readers weren't asking for...

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Still no pics because from the outward appearance, nothing's that much different. The tile floor, however, is now GONE. Yay! There was much dust everywhere, some of which has been cleaned up, but the thing is done and we'll be able to put the hardwood floors in without much fuss, when the time comes (sometime after the cabinets go in). This weekend hubby is planning on removing the rest of the walls and hoisting the new, longer support beam in place, and taking out more old cabinets as time allows. The beam is made from two twelve-foot lengths of 2x12's, which are daggone heavy. Too heavy for him to lift by himself and probably too heavy even with my limited assistance. But he's the man with a plan (and an Internet connection with which to surf DIY videos on YouTube) and explained to me how he was going to do it. I won't bore you with details; suffice to say it sounded reasonable. I'll let you know how it goes.

In other non-kitchen news: we're going to see Home Free in concert tonight, they of The Sing-off fame and lately this cover of Andy Grammer's Honey I'm Good, which features the lowest note Tim Foust has yet recorded, somewhere around the 2:40 mark:

It's at a small venue--a restored 1920s era movie theater downtown. Should be a lot of fun.

And bonus Andy Grammer's original video, which is all kinds of adorable:

Tomorrow we're working on the kitchen (of course) and Sunday, fingers crossed, will start with a bright-and-early viewing of Age of Ultron. I am not excited at all about this. *cough*

Y'all have big weekend plans? Small weekend plans?
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I don't know why I read comments at the end of news/entertainment site articles. I really don't. I guess it's kind of like looking at a trainwreck: you can't not do it.

There is, however, an occasional comment that's so stupid that it's actually brilliant in its spectacular idiocy. Case in point, one from an article about the Captain America character sheet release for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

First, the eye candy image in question, for reference purposes only, of course. *coughs*

 photo b_l9xmbusaagsda_zps72a24cdb.jpg

Aaaand the comment:

"I’m excited for this movie and all, but I also don’t get why at this point we’re still getting promo with Captain America and Iron Man only from the neck down..."

Am I wrong, or does this image also include, you know, everything from the neck *up*? I could be wrong, but I... kinda think there's a head and a really great jawline and fierce eyes and the hair oh the hair face there??

It gets better:

"...all I see is Chris Evans dressed up as Captain America."

I know, right?? Such a disappointment. Apparently the real Steve Rogers couldn't be convinced to play himself in the movie. Probably wanted too much money. Or maybe he was too busy trying to find Bucky. Whatever, we're stuck instead with that lame-a** Chris Evans doing cosplay.

Yeah, I probably won't even bother seeing the movie.

(Eyes rolling so hard right now... you don't even know....)
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Oh golly, the pre-Christmas time crunch is about to commence, though I think I'm in pretty good shape overall. I have my shopping done (yay!) and all that's left is a wee bit more decorating and cleaning the house, plus getting in groceries. Christmas is still a week away but the meteorologists are starting to whisper that there's a chance of "significant" weather Christmas night, which really won't be a problem because by then my sister will be here, of course. She's the only one coming and plans on arriving Christmas Eve afternoon. So let it snow all it wants after that! :) Online time more than anything will be the thing that gets crunched most. Hubby's been out of town all week but should be home this evening or tomorrow morning, and he'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. We plan on really hitting all of my parents' belongings, getting them sorted and cleared out, then getting a start on redecorating their apartment into something that's "ours" again. I want to leave enough of their decor to honor their lives and time with us, but not so much that it feels like some sort of maudlin memorial, if that makes sense. To that end, we'll paint and rearrange furniture and repurpose the rooms and make it more of a guest suite/rec room sort of thing.

Still lots of dates open in my Talking Meme post if you have a question you want to ask me!

Also... I have to leave this here, because of reasons:

 photo tumblr_ngncxft3Ap1qzxp8ao1_r1_400_zpsf1c963a5.jpg

Sebastian Stan, cropped from the Romania GQ Dec 2014 cover, scans of which photoshoot almost broke tumblr for a day or two.

Happy Friday!
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Gosh, looking over my flist, some of y'all are thinking very deep thinky thoughts this weekend. I... can't say I'm doing much deep thinking.Read more... )
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I'm taking a semi-off-the-grid weekend, just because of being busy! Good busy, what with my sister visiting and shopping and a taekwondo tournament and an evening last night watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier again. But yesterday we had to leave early, early in the morning for the tournament (which we had to leave early because she's having trouble with her left leg... sees the doctor on Monday for that. I'm guessing a pinched sciatic but have no idea really).  Anyway, what with one thing and another, I didn't have a moment to post the Aragorn-a-day! Hate when that happens. I'll definitely be posting it today, fear not.

After watching Cap2 last night, I'm still more than ever fascinated and obsessed with the Winter Soldier character. And adoring Anthony Mackie's the Falcon character. The entire family is firm in our conviction that Sam Wilson needs to be in every future Marvel movie ever, no matter what. We also had a laugh-til-we-cry moment when Dink grabbed the bobbleheads at the "Who the hell is Bucky" scene and cuddled them and whispered to all of them, "It's going to be all right...." and then proceeded from that point on to watch the rest of the movie while by turns cuddling, comforting and acting out the scenes as they played out, complete with commentary that seemed to run mostly along the lines of "Aww, sad puppy Bucky!! and sad puppy Cap!!!". She then informed me that I must buy all the Marvel movie bobbleheads. (This after every time we had to stand in line at the mall Saturday, she'd turn to me and say, "I'm with you to the end of the line, Mom.")

And she accuses *me* of being obsessed.

Good Sunday to you all!
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Gosh golly gee whiz but I have NO time lately!  It's all good--it's summer and we took a day Friday for some fun at Silver Dollar City and the lake, and this weekend my sister is coming down, and then finally we'll cap it off with a baseball game to root for our local minor league team (yay, Joe Kelly bobblehead night! He's one of my favorite pitchers on the "big club" in St. Louis).

And naturally, this morning when I have about 30 minutes to zip through posting the Aragorn photo and put up a belated Fangirl Friday post, Photobucket is down. I probably won't get to post anything the rest of the day so... drats. I'll keep trying while I can this morning, but if it just won't cooperate, I'll get back to it on Monday, hopefully! I intend, after 6 straight days of leaving the house at a run for various reasons, to STAY HOME on Monday. I'm such an introverted homegal that even being out having fun leaves me... frazzled and cranky. But I shall overcome! BECAUSE MONDAY WILL BE QUIET, I DEMAND IT!!!

Yeah, we'll see if that actually happens.

Have a good weekend, y'all!

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(This is becoming a trend... but don't worry, I won't start every day off with a ramble. I just... seem to be rambly lately??)

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The kid is off on a little overnight shopping adventure with her BFF and BFF's mom, which means I HAVE NEARLY AN ENTIRE DAY TO MYSELF.

Oh bliss. *G*

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I seriously do not have much free time and the To Do List is more like a To Do Novel. So what am I doing? Being silly on LJ. Because that's... apparently how I roll.

*nudges laundry out of sight with my toe as I type*

Summer starts this weekend, yay! We have our pool open and I'm finally past all the post-surgical waiting period on swimming and have been enjoying floating around in my floaty chair. I tried to swim and, erm, yeah... not yet. Gotta let the pectoral muscles heal a little longer. But I have started to really *exercise* again, which feels both wonderful and awful. Wonderful because it feels good to, well, feel good, and awful because all that walking and stretching and bending and lifting has made me a little stiff and sore.

I've been gorging on berries right now. Everything is in season and I never can get enough! My breakfast every day is fresh blueberries, raspberries, and french vanilla yogurt topped with Kimberley's Bakeshoppe granola I get at Sam's. Nom!!
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