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In the US, Labor Day is ostensibly a holiday to celebrate the working person, but for most people it's more a celebration of the end of the summer season. I always feel very bittersweet about Labor Day. I love summer and its carefree vibe and always feel sadness when it ends, even though I do love fall's cooler weather, colorful trees and harvest festivals... not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving. I think a large part of my melancholy arises from echoes of childhood, when I loved the freedom of summer and hated the structure (and mean kids) of school. As an adult, I deal with Labor Day much better than I used to, thank goodness.

Anyway... the fun!
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I've had a couple requests for a synopsis after I go see Captain America: Civil War Sunday, so I'm thinking about creating a custom filter for that, just to ensure only those who want to read it do and no one else is accidentally spoiled (even though I'd put it under a cut). If you want to be included in that filter, let me know so I can add you.

Now for pics!

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Let me know in the comments if you want in on the Captain America list.
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... or would that be dumpling? Either way, just two this time. The first is leaf skeletons plus moss growing in the gaps between the bricks on a pathway in our back garden. The second is a close-up of serviceberry blossoms in the morning sunshine.


Serviceberry in bloom. #earlymorning #spring #woods #Ozarks
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We're having a really sunny and beautiful weekend so yesterday we were out and about most of the day, both at home and in Springfield.

At home (and everywhere else), the early daffodils are in full bloom right now:

My artsy IG close-up...
Good morning sunshine. #daffodils #spring

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Sometimes you glance out the window at just the right time, and on a really lucky day you'll actually have the camera handy. This was a really lucky day.

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Random stuff I took pics of in the last week or so.

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... and all the spectacular foliage is finished, but sometimes you can find subtle beauty on the forest floor. Snapped this morning while waiting on Domino to do his business!

Beauty is often very subtle in the woods this time of year. #Autumn  #nature #Ozarks #mushrooms #lichen #forestfloor
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Been a while since I crossposted any of my recent Instagram pics, so here you go...

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[ profile] the_winterwitch, your comment about getting mostly blurry pics of your kitty made me giggle as Pepper went on a walk with Domino and I this morning. For every shot like this:

Pepper, who's nowhere near as mysterious as she looks. #cats #mysteriouseyes

I took about a dozen like these:
 photo IMAG6685_zps6121b432.jpg photo IMAG6687_zpse15941be.jpg
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I chat with you more on twitter than here these days, but if you see this... have a rain-kissed iris from my garden this morning for your birthday!

Rain can be hard on irises but beautiful, too. #gardening #Ozarks #nofilter

IG pic....

Mar. 12th, 2015 11:19 am
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Pic I took yesterday of water splashing in a fountain...

(post-editing for brightness/contrast, plus Perpetua filter)
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Brain is still fogged, but the sun was at the right angle, so I took the camera out to the garden to play around with black and white photography, something I've not dabbled in much. But I wanted to focus on the shape and form of a flower, in this case a peony, which tends to be my floral muse each year. I can't resist playing with images of them.Read more... )
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I was reading about the towers that may have inspired Tolkien to create Orthanc, and I started to wonder: what is it about towers that are so creepy?

I grew up in St. Louis, and in a neighborhood not far from me there rose a big, imposing tower, which was part of a Catholic seminary. As you drove down the road, you'd see it rising above the trees, and though it looks like this in reality:


This is how my mind's eye saw it, especially if we drove by at night (thank you, photobucket editing tools):


I'm sure it's a perfectly lovely place, probably where the seminarians go to pray, or maybe it houses great bells that chime out across the hillside on joyful occasions. But... but... to me, it will always feel haunted. So I do not doubt at all that Tolkien was inspired to create a far more creepy version of the towers he saw in his own daily life.

It just seems to be what towers do to a person's imagination.


Do any of you get creeped out by towers or is this just my own weird idiosyncrasy? Is there a certain type of building or style of architecture that raises your neck hairs when you see it?
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Or, in other words, more floral picspam!  Life is still a little big wonky for me, but you have to take time to smell the flowers!  (Or at least take pictures of them.)
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Or, in other words, more floral picspam!  Life is still a little big wonky for me, but you have to take time to smell the flowers!  (Or at least take pictures of them.)
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