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For whoever on my flist might not have seen this:

HASA Story Rescue Project

I'm going to try to help out... hopefully RL will cooperate. I've never belonged to HASA, but I just hate that the site is closing and even one of those stories might be lost.
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I haz questions.

Where... and how... does one upload an MP3 podfic? That's an area of fandom I've never explored, being of a visual rather than auditory brain bent, but [ profile] tanis2014 is working on a lovely (oh my word, the flails when I listened to the draft she sent me over the weekend lasdjklsdjklsdjlfjiosdfjisadjifjsdkfjklsd) audio of my story Bear It Still For Me A While, and when she's done, I'll be posting it... somewhere.

No need to take the time to list out the step-by-step instructions, but if you could share some good how-to links or archives/servers/what have you where you upload things like this, that'd be great. Googling hasn't done much but confuse me, and though I *think* AO3 lets you post podfic, I have no idea how and their help section is less than helpful.

No hurry on any of this, of course!

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[ profile] lilybaggins needed an Aragorn-h/c brain recharge so I dashed this off in a comment at her LJ. Then I thought some of you might like to read it. So... here it is. Written this morning before I finished my cuppa coffee so... yeah, it's definitely a "for whatever it's worth" fic. LOL

Untitled Feverish!Aragorn ficlet
Word count: I dunno
Rating: I dunno... G, I guess, as there's nothing more disturbing than Aragorn whining.
Genre: that I do know... h/c
Pairing: only brotherly lurves from Halbarad

He couldn't get warm. He shivered and shook and felt a hand on his forehead. He pried open his eyes and squinted, little good it did in the dim light. But he knew the hand on his forehead, knew that there was no one else around for leagues. "Halbarad, keep your distance lest you catch this. I'll be..." He wanted to say 'well soon,' but a spate of harsh coughs interrupted him.

He heard a snort come from the blurry figure leaning over his makeshift pallet on the dirt floor, then a chiding tone, "Oh, certainly, I'll just leave the Heir of Isildur to die in this wretched abandoned cabin. No one would hang me for dereliction of duty, I'm sure."

Aragorn worked up a weak smile. "It's just that you can't get sick. You get too cranky. I can't cope with that right now."

"I won't get sick, nor will I get cranky even if I do." He ignored Aragorn's disbelieving squawk. "You know, you're not the only hardy one in the family. I daresay, at least at the moment, you aren't nearly as hardy as I am."

"You never get sick. It's not fair."

"Now, there's fever talk if I ever heard it. Who was it retching alongside the road at every step last fall, hmm? And who is it that catches every sniffle my children come down with?"

"Exactly my point. Leave me be."

Halbarad grunted a vague protest as he slipped his hand behind Aragorn's neck. "Hush your whinging," he ordered as he gently lifted Aragorn's head. "I've tea with willow bark plus so much valerian root that you'll sleep until Midsummer. Drink."

"You found valeri--" More coughs.

"Aye, a small clump of it and plenty of other medicinal herbs growing wild in the back of this cabin. Probably all that's left of some leech's herb patch. Now quit talking and drink."

Halbarad pushed the cup firmly against his lips and Aragorn had little choice but to drink or be doused. He drank the terrible stuff and only then did Halbarad lower his head.

"Now be still and let yourself sleep."

It seemed such sensible advice that Aragorn didn't argue. He shut his eyes, and after a while, the cold in his bones warmed and the small noises of the fire and of Halbarad shifting as he sat watch faded away into the dark comfort of quiet dreams.

 photo a0680.jpg
(added per Loo-loo's excellent suggestion!)
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I stepped out of my Middle-earth comfort zone to pen a Captain America: Winter Soldier fic one-shot. First time for that fandom and first time posting at Archive of Our Own. Heaven knows if I did it right, but hopefully you can find the story here.

That Kid From Brooklyn
According to his dossier, when on a mission on American soil in 1973, the Winter Soldier failed to show up at the extraction point and instead, confused and leaving great unease in his wake, worked his way across America until he boarded a bus in Chicago that took him to New York.
A gap-filler, outsider-POV ficlet for the Winter Soldier, because I couldn’t stand the thought of no one showing Bucky any kindness in all that time.
Rating: PG, for a little bit of mild salty language
No warnings apply.
Thanks to lady-banner and [ profile] imbecamiel for the beta!

So, there's that. Who knows how it will go over, but I had to get it out of my system.

Now to get back to working on Bowen Rushlight's tale!
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This has been unveiled over at B2MeM, so here it is re-posted here as well. :)

Title: Bear It Still For Me A While
Author Name: cairistiona
Prompt: Spring Landscape (photo here)
Summary: The Standard-bearer’s thoughts turn homeward as he travels to war.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Themes of war, prophecy and death (much like Tolkien’s entire legendarium), though this is not a deathfic. Tissue alert.
Beta: Many thanks to my Betas Four: Inzilbeth, Suzll, Everleigh and Estelcontar
Author's Notes:  All characters and Arda itself belong to the good Professor. I only take them out to play. Denlad, Eledh, and Galadh are my OC Rangers who often appear in my stories. Title taken from the passage:
“And Aragorn said to Halbarad, ‘What is that that you bear, kinsman?’ For he saw that instead of a spear he bore a tall staff, as it were a standard, but it was close-furled in a black cloth bound about with many thongs.” The Passing of the Grey Company, The Return of the King, JRR Tolkien. 

Read more... )
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Remember that drabble meme?  Ages ago?  No?  Not surprised, but rest assured, I still remember it and remember all the challenges everyone issued, including this one from [ profile] inzilbeth_liz :  "Umm, how about, Aragorn [obviously!] and Tom Bombadil! You know how much I want to write this fic myself but I'd love to see something from you."  

So... here you go, Liz, and just in time for your birthday!  And as is somewhat sad habit with me and this meme and my general suckishness at math, I eschewed the 100-word rule and wrote a ficlet instead, because I was too lazy to bother with counting, and moreover, 100 words couldn't tell the tale.

Tra La Lily, the Ranger's Knocked Silly... )
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Here's your belated gift fic, [ profile] rs9 !  I hope you enjoy my somewhat offbeat interpretation. :)

A Great Leader, Yes; A Great Chef... Not So Much.
A drabble for RS for her birthday, based on her wonderful drawing of Aragorn and his Rangers
Rated G

“... and no, my stew did not make Denlad sick, I care not what he claims!”

Denlad merely glared at Aragorn as he hurried past them and dove into the bushes.  As Eledh chuckled and Galadh frowned at the sounds coming from the brush, Halbarad glanced at Aragorn.  Though Aragorn’s expression was hard to read, he could hazard a fairly safe guess that beneath his very real concern and very feigned outrage, Aragorn was hiding no small amount of embarrassment.  For he knew, just as Halbarad did, that his cooking skills were deplorable. 

It had been the stew, and no mistake.
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Because sometimes LJ conversations about Aragorn attract plot bunnies!

Rest, My Friend
Rated G
In the aftermath of a battle, Halbarad takes charge.   A drabble for [ profile] estelcontar1 .


“I am not that tired.”

Halbarad folded his arms.  “So your lips say, but the shadows under your eyes speak otherwise.  Get to bed.”

Aragorn moved to the next injured man.  He knelt but had to brace himself with an arm as he swayed.

Halbarad immediately bent down and grasped his elbow.  “Come,” he said gently, steadying him as he stood.  He led him to a bed and guided him to a seat.

“But I am not...”

Halbarad smiled as he swung Aragorn’s feet around.  Aragorn’s eyes had already fallen shut.  “... that tired.  I know.  But rest anyway, my friend.”

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A double drabble in honor of Aragorn’s birthday, wherein Glorfindel tries to determine just how old Estel really is.
Rated K
Fluff warning!
Counting is easy, but pronouncing Glorfindel's name... not so much. )
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Spoilers for The Ranger and the Eagles!  But only if you haven't already read everything that's been posted to this point.   If you don't want to read this yet, just gawk at the wallpaper and hit the back button. *g*  Otherwise... look under the cut.

"Please Try Not to Bite Me Like Last Time"... )
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Fear not, the next chapter of The Ranger and the Eagles will go up today, but over the weekend I was reading in HoMe and got a teeny plot bunny:

The faith of a child...
A drabble of 100 of my own words--the quote from Morgoth's Ring that inspired this isn't included in the word count. :)
Rated G
Unbeta'd--although it's very much a portion of the fruit of much laborious discussion between Inzilbeth and I when I was researching The Ranger and the Eagles.  My thanks to her for straightening me out on several aspects of Aragorn (pun intended!).

The small boy banged his heels against the stone wall, left-right-left-right, a happy rhythm.  He opened his mouth wide and took a huge bite out of the apple he held in his small hand, then pointed up.  “See that, Glorfin’l?”

“That cloud?”

“The whole sky.”


“Eru thought it up, didn’t He?”

“And the Ainur sang it into being.”

“I’m glad He made it blue.”

“And when it is pink?”

“Like sunrise?  That’s pretty.  But blue’s better.”

“Blue is very nice.”

“Eru is nice.”

“How do you know?”

He shrugged.  “I just know.”  He jumped lightly down and skipped away.

“‘Amdir we call it, ‘looking up’.  But there is another which is founded deeper. Estel we call it, that is trust.  It is not defeated by the ways of the world, for it does not come from experience, but from our nature and first being.” - Athrabeth Finrod Ah Andreth, Morgoth’s Ring, page 320 in my particular copy, with is the 1993 Houghton Mifflin Company hardback edition.

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And fic rec time again!  This one is from a brand new writer in the fandom, who I "met" when she emailed in response to a story of mine.  By her name alone, you know with whom her heart lies!   This is her first published fanfic, the first of what I hope will be many.  And I know she lurks here at LJ, peeking at Aragorn every day, so.... *waves*... Hi, Striderette!!   Hopefully one of these days you'll venture into LJ-land and join the fun here. :)

So, grab a tissue and head over to NaN for a moving one-shot:

Dusk Follows Dawn
by Striderette9
Rating: K+
An intimate portrait of the day King Elessar gives back the gift, told entirely from Arwen’s POV.

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Passing along two wonderful stories, in case you haven't already found them:

Labyrinth Time by Fiondil
Summary: Hidden in the fastness of Menegroth is a labyrinth. Deep in the woods of Lothlórien lies another. Though separated by time and space, they have a connection, one that lies in yet another wood. Inspired by the Teitho contest ‘Crossing Borders’.  Wonderfully creative, very unique story.


Missing Breakfast by [ profile] curiouswombat 
Seven Sins - Sloth Challenge.
Author; curiouswombat
Title; Missing Breakfast
Rating; PG
Source: LotR
Characters;Aragorn and Arwen.
For the 'Sloth' challenge.

There's no summary given, so I'll just say it's a delightful drabble depicting a moment between our favorite King and Queen. :)
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Okay, I found a bit that I think is safe to post.  Just about everything at this stage is up for revising so it may get tweaked by the time the story is posted.

That said, here it is, a teaser, from an as-yet untitled WIP.   

Gandalf and Aragorn... in a cave somewhere in the Misty Mountains... )
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Third chapter is up and completes the short tale!   Thanks for reading!

The Riddle of Strider

Chapter Three - You're Having Me On!


Read here... )


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[ profile] suzll , chapter 2 is for you! *g*

The Riddle of Strider, updated at the usual haunts and under the cut:


Chapter 2 - Elrond's Your Father? )
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It feels like it's been ages, but I finally have a smallish 3-chapter fic to post.  If you remember, I've been working at that drabble meme and had a story for [ profile] shirebound  about Pippin thanking Strider for getting them safely to Rivendell.  And I also have a request from [ profile] suzll  (Suz, you're Minerva Organa at SoA, right?) for a story about Merry & Aragorn.  After I posted the initial Pippin & Strider ficlet, the wheels started turning and a longer story grew out of both requests.  It's not hugely long, just three chapters, a bit of a gapfiller.  The first version of chapter 1 I posted here, under the title "Blisters, Bruises and Healing Balm", but I've since modified it a bit to fit into the larger story.

I'll also post the story at SoA and NaN: 

"The Riddle of Strider" at Stories of Arda

"The Riddle of Strider" at Naice a Nilme

"The Riddle of Strider"
Rating: G

He shepherded them all the way to Rivendell... but do they really have any idea who this mysterious Strider is? A gapfiller in three chapters. For Shirebound and Minerva Organa, whose requests provided the inspiration for this.


Chapter 1 - Rivendell Is Your Home? )
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Yes, I'm still working my way through them!  This one is for [ profile] shirebound , who wanted a story about one of the Hobbits thanking Strider for getting them safely to Rivendell.

Blisters, Bruises and Healing Balm
Rating: G
Thanks to Inzilbeth for the beta!

A helping hand and kind words go a long way toward easing weariness...

Read more... )
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I'm posting this a bit early, because you never know what RL is going to do.  I'm killing two birds with one stone with this, as [ profile] estelcontar1 , in response to the drabble meme (yes, I'm still working on them), had requested a drabble set in Annúminas, with Elessar and his family.  Here you go, my friend.  Enjoy, and may you have a wonderful birthday!

By the Lake
Rating: G
Drabble - 100 words since I used poetic license for "windsong" *g*

A summer idyll...

Aragorn pulled off his shirt and stretched, a mighty yawn nearly cracking his jaw.  He laid back on the grassy bank, leaving his bare feet dangling in the water.   Eyes shut.  Mind drifting. Watching sunlight and shade dapple the inside of his lids. 

Heard laughter-splashed shrieks of children.  Birds and grasshopper buzz and windsong. 

Drifted, drowsing...

Then a footfall beside him, swishing against the grass.  An arm draped across his chest, a foot touched his.   Her voice velvet soft, “I love Annúminas, my Elessar... but I love you more.” 

She kissed him and he smiled lazily, never opening his eyes.


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