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File this under "totally fun" (and "I had no idea Jane Lynch could sing" and "standing and waiting for the instrumental bridge to end is always awkward so yeah go ahead and eat a sandwich"):

With bonus tumblr silliness about my Christmas tree:

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I never get tired of hearing new versions of this song...

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Between bronchitis and just being busy, I haven't had time to gather Christmas videos for a full-on musical Advent like I've done the last couple of years, but I've still found a few new gems to share.

This is one of Home Free's new ones, featuring Kenny Rogers...
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[ profile] the_winterwitch sent me some information about today, which is St. Lucia's Day.  I confess that my only knowledge of Santa Lucia comes from the old Andy Griffith episode that centered on their little choir's travails in performing the traditional song. But here are some videos that will hopefully enlighten all of us who aren't familiar with the traditions, and add a bit to the celebration for those who do keep it each year:

Video links provided by Winterwitch! Thank you! )
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There's another close-to-5 inches of snow on the ground atop the 7 inches from last week that hasn't melted... so this one seems appropriate:
A winter song from the Civil Wars (the duo, not the era!)... )


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