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And by the time some of you listen, it will be Christmas Day itself, so everyone have a merry, merry day!

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Day 23.... so much music, so little time left... but here's Home Free again, as promised:

Obviously, right now I'm not having any issues with LJ being down, but I always think it's nice they extend paid time when there's a big issue. Now to hurry off and get the Aragorn pic up before I do have any site access problems...
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Goodness, is it just me or is December flying by like an Olympic downhill skier??
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Happy Yule, all...

I'm posting this version because the one I wanted to post has embedding disabled. But go here to see beautiful photos to go along with the soothing music.
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And if you love The King's Singers as much as I do, here's nearly an hour's worth...

You're welcome. :)
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Boy if this isn't the song of the day here where I live, especially that first line, because although we got a scant bit of snow, it's cold. (3F/-16C)

Pip is not pleased. She howled as usual for me to let her outside, then, once through the cat door, she came to a halt with only three feet on the ground before turning around and coming straight back in! When I tried to pet her she retreated under the buffet and glared. Because, you know, it's all my fault...

She headed for the basement and I haven't seen her since!
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Chances are it won't be white where I live, so I'll just have to dream along with Ella.
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In honor of the cheesy, wonderful, treat-for-the-ears delight that was the Pentatonix Christmas special last night...

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Amazing what people can do with their Christmas lights these days... (I love this, but I would hate to be their neighbor!)

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I love Anonymous 4... so gentle and ethereal.

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Probably my all-time favorite non-religious Christmas song:

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It wouldn't be Christmas without new Christmas music from Pentatonix! And for those in the US, they have a Christmas special airing on NBC on December 14.

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This takes me straight back to my childhood and all those wonderful TV Christmas music specials. Andy Williams was always a favorite:

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Something very unique to the modern era, Lux Aurumque ("White and Gold"), by Eric Whitacre:

More info on this work, how it relates to Christmas, and this particular version of it here.
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The USAF "flash mobs" are a tradition I look forward to every year. So amazingly well done. This one's long, but be sure to stay for the dancing at the end. :)

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Old classics never really grow old...


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