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First I decided to do the fandom equivalent of Serious Art Students who gather around Monet's Water Lilies or the Mona Lisa and paint their own studies. Okay, so it's not the Mona Lisa, but a study of a fan art done in the style of Skottie Young:

I don't know if this tumblr person is the original artist, but the original that I saved ages ago is posted here.

Then I decided to try my own sketch from a real object. Since I don't have Chris Evans' number to text him, I settled on my Mopeez Cap. drawing it in the same style:

Definitely getting more used to my Wacom tablet and ArtRage. :)
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I ordered the Itty Bitty Cap and the Itty Bitty Bucky from Hallmark at the same time last week, as soon as Itty Bitty Bucky became available.

Got the “your order has shipped” notice and of course they shipped separately and of course Cap shipped first. So now when Itty Cap gets here and sees Itty Bucky is missing, it’ll be hell trying to keep him from racing down the driveway to try to find Itty Bucky.

My week is screwed.

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I haven't posted each update notice here because I figure anyone here who's interested probably has already subscribed to my stories either on Ao3 or  But in case not, Mr. Fix It is up to five chapters now.

Captain America: Civil War will (FINALLY) open in the US this weekend, and I'm very curious how it may affect the direction of my story. Some of my Bucky Barnes gapfilling seem to be uncannily matching up with things that I later hear Sebastian Stan say about about Bucky's state of mind and what he's been up to since CA:TWS, but other things look to be completely AU.

Speaking of what he says about the character, Sebastian has a lovely habit of leaving nuggets of meta gold on fans' IG posts....Character meta straight from Sebastion Stan... )
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This seems like good news:

Captain America: Civil War Reportedly Scoring Well With Test Audiences

Good to know my impending death will be caused by a quality film. :/

Knowing how the comic book Civil War run plays out, and also knowing how the MCU only takes cues from the comics and doesn't necessarily follow the plotline frame by frame, I am by turns excited about this movie and absolutely dreading it. I have no idea where the characters will be by its end, whether dead*, alive, at eternal enmity??? Supposedly, the Russo's have said it contains more humor than CA:TWS, but if the 'third act pulls no punches' bit is true, I'm guessing the humor is mostly front loaded and the end of the movie will wreck everyone completely, regardless of whether they're Team Cap or Team Tony. :/

I'm just hoping I don't ugly cry in a public theater.

Also... VERY spoilery venting VERY COMICS SPOILERY VERY VERY VERY I CANNOT EXPRESS ENOUGH SPOILERY about the comics and my feelings because I need to just vent and tumblr isn't a place where I can vent and feel like anyone actually reads it, still less talk me down from the ledge to me about it.

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With the beta help of [ profile] mrowe, [ profile] imbecamiel and [ profile] nefhiriel, I wrote a BuckyNat fic for the tumblr BuckyNat Secret Santa exchange. :)

Missions can be hard on the body and mind, but a quiet Christmas Eve together helps.
Rating: K+ (PG, basically)
Romance, h/c, humor, bittersweetness... my usual mash of stuff with romance for a change. Who knew.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanov

Links below.

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There's been a story on that kept catching my eye when I checked the Captain America section, but it's one of those 'Peggy Carter brought back to life' fics and ehhhh, I've been burned by starting too many really poorly rendered ones in that particular AU genre that I just couldn't bring my self to try it, much as Cap & Peggy are my OTP when it comes to Steve Rogers (I like Sharon in the comics but... Peggy is life to me). I was leery, but as she continued to regularly update with new chapters it'd pop to the top of the list and I'd see it again and again. The review count especially caught my eye as it steadily inched toward the century mark. (Reviews on are a big indicator of truly good stories, because Marvel readers are terrible about reviewing unless it's really a humdinger of a tale or a romance, regardless of quality. Absolutely awful. Ao3 is about as bad but at least you get kudos. I really could rant for days but I'll spare y'all.) Anway, when the count hit 107, I figured what the heck, I'll give it a go. I can always hit the back button.

Two hours later, at 1 am, I'd forgotten a back button existed. So well done. I actually got all teary-eyed in places, which is something I rarely do when reading fic. Yes, that's what I said. It brought my non-romance-loving cold heart to actual sniffy tears.


Tiny caveat: it's still a WIP, but she has only a few chapters left and already is plotting out the sequel. It's well worth bookmarking for when it's finished if you don't like reading WIPs. I simply couldn't let it go unrecommended, since in her bio she says she loves happy endings. I don't think she'll pull any fast ones with a bait-and-switch tragedy.

Sarcophagus by Mellia Bee
When an old Stark Tech capsule is discovered frozen into the ice, a piece of Captain America's wartime life comes to light. The Avengers must band together to help him as Steve comes to grips with his past, present, and future. Captain America/Avengers crossover, no slash. Spoilers for Marvel movies up through Cap 2 and TV show Agent Carter. Rated K plus to be safe.

It's warm and fluffy and all the characters are so in character, including Steve & Peggy acting in accordance with the era in which they spent their formative years. There's even a wee mention here and there of Bucky. Aw.

*using my Natasha voice*

You'll love it; it has all the feels.
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... in case you haven't seen the first official Captain America: Civil War trailer that Marvel FINALLY released last night on the Jimmy Kimmel show (about the only thing that will make me watch Kimmel--RDJ and Chris Evans as guests) ETA: putting it under a cut for those who don't want spoilers... I'll be sure to do that from now on with any Cap 3 posts:
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This is what happens when a) Michael Sullivan hasn't sent out the second half of his book and you're finished with the first half; b) you've been staring at someone else's writing so much you have an uncontrollable itch to put words of your own together; c) you stare too long at a comic book panel of Bucky in stasis;  d) you wonder what Bucky would think if he saw himself like this; and e) you spent way too much time on Pixlr trying to make a comic book panel look like a old photo.

Steve & Bucky ficlet... little bit o'angst but not too much... )
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Tissue alert for this one (if I've done my job right...)  Steve & Bucky are brothers, not lovers, as usual.

Not Fit For Duty
To help an old friend sounds like a good plan, but this is Bucky Barnes. Best laid plans oft go awry, and absolutely nothing is ever easy for him. Follow-up to "Orders Acknowledged". A one-shot for now, possibly more to come, so not listing it as complete. Rating for language and mention of non-consensual torture-no details but still. Better safe than sorry.

All these wonderful characters belong to Marvel.

Read at:

I have some vague ideas of things I want to write about in additional stories following this, but nothing is coalescing into a real story yet. So this is a one-shot with the potential to grow into something more.

Thank you again, [ profile] mrowe, for the excellent beta feedback! It's expanded a bit from the version you saw--Bucky got a few more memories back. *g*
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Just Being A Good Neighbor

In which Steve Rogers battles monsters, screaming cyborgs, and a neighbor who thinks Steve’s the garbage collector. #2 in the Apartment #4 series. Humor, a wee bit of hurt/comfort and bonus Clint Barton cameo and a mention of before-we-knew-he-was-HYDRA Rumlow acting as a human crutch. One-shot. And many thanks to [ profile] imbecamiel and [ profile] nefhiriel for the beta!

Rated PG/M for mild swearing and very mild sexual innuendo. VERY mild. SO MILD.

In the usual places:
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Okay, I blame this on tumblr.

There's been a lot of chatter over there because news dribbled out that they were filming a funeral scene this week for Captain America: Civil War. I was discussing with pretendthisiswitty (who I don't believe is on LJ) the possibility that it was for Peggy Carter, and she said something that got the plot bunny chewing on my brain:

"And maybe Bucky sneaks into the event and that’s how they find him again, since Agent Carter set up that Peggy was best buds with all Commandos."

Ugh, the feels that little throwaway line gave me! This is how I dealt with them all.

Untitled for the time being... I'll title it when I post it to the various archives.

Unbeta’d, probably edit it some more when I figure out a title and ready it to post.

A/N: A completely speculative piece, inspired by all this talk going around about the CA:CW funeral scene. Not calling it canon compliant because that canon doesn’t exist yet. My headcanon (for this story, at least) is that Bucky’s experience post CA:TWS is a mash-up of trying to regain memories, going on a self-assigned solo vengeance mission against HYDRA, and above all else, avoiding Steve because he’s ashamed of all he’s done as the Winter Soldier (basic comic book canon, pretty much). There was no sign of him sniping from the distance during AoU, so I’m running with the idea that Bucky’s been completely off grid and hasn’t yet started showing up at battles to watch Steve’s back. But as CA:CW approaches, maybe now he’s finding himself drawn more and more to Steve, which adds to his misery because it leaves him feeling like he’s being derelict in his true duty of protecting Steve. When he hears about Agent Carter’s passing, he knows he has to come back.

Platonic, since I don’t do romantic Stucky, so no pairings except Peggy & Steve.

Rating: eh, call it T. Nothing graphic. Mention of Bucky’s WWII capture and nightmares.

Warnings: might want a box of tissues if I handled this right?


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All righty then, for those of you who only read fic on Ao3, I figured out (again) how to post there, and it's now up as the first installment of my "Apartment #4" series (and hopefully not the only installment).

Do Not Go Gentle

A winter storm, a horrible blanket and cinnamon rolls. Just another winter afternoon in Steve Rogers' Dupont Circle apartment building. Fluff, mostly, with some angst and Bucky memories thrown in, because this is Steve Rogers, after all.

I rated it "M" over at but T at Ao3, mostly because of the way the two websites define their ratings. There's only a little bit of very mild (to my mind) sexual innuendo. Nothing graphic, nothing detailed. No blood, either. Not even a papercut. A sink nearly bought it, though, so there's that. Avoid if risk to kitchen fixtures is a trigger.

(And yes, I'm being horrible and snarky and facetious, because I have, in general, an aversion to putting usually spoilerish warnings on fics. To paraphrase what [ profile] curiouswombat said once, it's a story. Things happen. Be warned.)
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Don't be shocked, but I haz a new fic:

Do Not Go Gentle

A winter storm, a horrible blanket and cinnamon rolls. Just another winter afternoon in Steve Rogers' Dupont Circle apartment building. Fluff, mostly, with some angst and Bucky memories thrown in, because this is Steve Rogers, after all.

Many thanks to [ profile] imbecamiel and [ profile] nefhiriel for beta'ing/bouncing ideas/putting up with my whining as I wrote this. And thank you, [ profile] mrowe & [ profile] suzll for putting up with the occasional delays in my beta'ing your stories while I finished it up and didn't want to pull my head out of Washington DC and back to Middle-earth. :)

And boy, is it taking forever to list the thing on the main Captain America page (or even the "Just In" page Edit: it finally showed up so yay). I haven't posted in over a year, so... is that normal these days? Or is giving me the razz because I don't post much? (Hey,, I *do* leave reviews!!!)  Seems like it used to show up within about 10-15 minutes. Now it's been... *looks at clock*... almost six hours. Meh. I did get an email notification for it, at least. Not the most helpful, though, because I have a feeling most of my followers over there look for LOTR fic, not Cap fic. Which... I do intend to return to.

Anyway, I'll also post this one to Ao3, but I want it to be part of a series, and I have to figure out what to call the series. And then try to remember how to actually post stories over there. :P

Happy reading!

(And lookee... new Cap icon. Finally.)
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(Ugh, you have no idea how long it took me to repost this from tumblr. Involved updating browsers, clearing caches, and ultimately opening a support request to LJ, all because my LJ developed the dreaded "greyed out preview/post button" issue. But all's fixed now. Kudos to LJ staff for getting back to me on it so quickly. And I do not say that sarcastically.)

Anyway... I put this up on tumblr and decided I also wanted it here (and at my woefully neglected DW), because I have Marvel fan buddies here, where, hey wow... we can actually easily DISCUSS META. Which I can't do over on tumblr because tumblr is fun for a lot of things but stupid when it comes to trying to actually converse.

Here 'tis. Feel free to share thoughts.

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(Before we get started, does anyone want to get out... oops, sorry... wrong quote... what I mean to say is that for some bizarre reason, I suddenly can't use LJ to post. My post button is all greyed out, and I went through LJ's sorry suggested steps to try to fix it and nada. So... crossposting from DW for the time being.)

This is a meta post I put up on tumblr about MCU Steve Rogers and what his DC apartment says about his state of mind. It occured to me that I wanted it in a more handy online location, plus there fellow Cap fans here that I don't *think* are on tumblr or are only on there sporadically and may have missed my brilliant pontifications. :D  Just kidding. Not really brilliant but just some headcanon I'm sorting out. Also, it's way easier to Discuss All The Things here than on tumblr. So... here's the post, which should have the concept art first. If there's no photo, then go here to see it.

“Well, Steve Rogers woke up 50 or 60 years later and is in a completely different world from the 1940s. So, we’re dealing with how the world has changed.

“For instance his apartment is kind of unsettled. He hasn’t really unpacked anything. He doesn’t feel moved into his apartment and his world. That was a conscious design decision. It was supposed to feel unsettled and uncomfortable.
“ - James Carson, concept artist CA:TWS (x


Some thoughts as I sort out my own headcanon for Steve Rogers, mostly because I’m working on a fic set in Steve’s apartment building, and I’m also thinking about doing an entire series set within the building, exploring the relationships between Steve and his neighbors and what having Captain America living in your building might be like.

So… there’s a lot of fanon out there about Steve being a neatnic, not a book out of place, everything orderly and lined up with military precision, which is logical, given that’s how a lot of veterans do keep their homes. I know my own father, an Army veteran, would drive my mother nuts by always lining up the knick-knacks in militarily precise rows after he dusted (she didn’t complain *too* much; he did dust the house, after all). Looking at the concept art above and comparing to how it translated into the actual movie sets, you can see some of that in how Steve lives. Everything is clean and dusted and there are some things that are neatly put away, like his records in the record cabinet below the turntable. But… there’s also a lot of unfinished stuff.  Framed photos of loved ones aren’t hanging on the walls yet, dishes are on the shelves but not really neatly arranged (in the movie more than in the concept art). The books are still somewhat haphazard on their shelves and piled on the floors (I love how many books there are. Steve Rogers, bibliophile! My headcanon now includes him digging through dusty used book stores, trying to find early 20th century editions of books because that’s what he read when he was a kid and a young man, and holding onto familiar books is so damned comforting).

The artist wanted to show that Steve hasn’t settled into his new life yet, and the way they eventually built the set is definitely visual testament to the turmoil that Steve was suffering. There’s still strength; loss hasn’t driven Steve to any compulsive hoarding disorders nor has he so given up that he doesn’t keep the place presentable, if a little more ‘lived-in’ than one might think he would otherwise. He (with adorable awkwardness) invites the pretty blonde next door over to use his washer & dryer for the price of a cup of coffee, after all (and that scene makes my heart ache… he’s so lonely. Ugh. He is still so very much awkward skinny Steve despite being turned into a giant and the poster boy for Wow What a Hunk of Male Wonderfulness). So there’s nothing about his place that he’s ashamed of. That speaks well of his basic mental health.

Before I go on, full disclosure: I’m not big on the ‘suicidal Steve’ scenarios in so many fics, the ones that have him all but non-functional. Not hating on those that do, because fanfiction is for exploring all roads. It’s just not my own headcanon. I do think he certainly could experience some transient depressive moments of that severity and indeed is most likely in an extended period of transient/reactive depression because… yeah, who wouldn’t be?? It’s fairly obvious he’s not in a good state of mind from the moment he loses Bucky until the events we see unfold in CA:TWS, but I don’t think it’s as black and permanent as is often portrayed in fics. I see in him an ability to assess himself and eventually adapt passing well to his new life, coping with PTSD, moral injury, all those issues, because, in no small part, I don’t see how the serum would allow for the various chemical imbalances in the brain that lead to the more severe clinical depression and related mental illness that fic writers ascribe to him. His body heals quickly; so surely must his brain, though mood and emotion transcend the mere physical. Anyway, that’s getting into something more complex than I feel able to tackle, so I’ll stop before this thing turns into a dissertation instead of just a post. Armchair psychology on a fictional character, wheee! Definitely a lot of YMMV in this essay.

Back to the apartment. No impassable suicidal abyss, but there is… avoidance. The things on the wall are fairly impersonal, reflecting his interests (motorcycles, for one) but not really his deeper affections. No Peggy, no Bucky, no Momma (FWIW, I take that spelling from the comics, can’t remember which one). Maybe those are in the bedroom, which we never see, but I have a feeling any photos of them, other than the one of Peggy in his compass, are still locked away in boxes (and in sketch books) because it’s something he’s not ready to have staring at him every day (except when he’s sketching). His trips to the Smithsonian and the moments in those Avengers deleted scenes where he’s looking through SSR files and watching videos are probably somewhat infrequent, done when he feels strong enough to face his grief and see if he’s beyond the pain enough to find comfort. I… doubt the comfort outweighs the pain just yet, though he still has to try. (I’m admittedly basing this conclusion on my own experience. I recently lost both parents, my mother in 2013 and my father just last fall, and perhaps that’s coloring my interpretation here. While I have been able to dig through a lot of their belongings and sort out some things, I have hit a brick wall when it comes to sorting through photos. It’s still too soon, and I see in Steve’s apartment a very real sense of “it’s still too soon”.)

In my headcanon, I think his friendship with Sam Wilson and then later with Sharon Carter will help immensely, as will whatever relationship he can re-establish with Bucky, once Bucky gets sorted out. His own sense of wanting his life to count for something and make the world better will be a source of strength as he goes forward. Steve’s apartment, if he continues to live in DC, will eventually become a warmer, more inviting place. It will eventually be imbued with a sense of home (and please Marvel, do that for this poor guy in the MCU!). But at the time period between his thawing, the Battle of New York and the trauma of CA:TWS and beyond, he’s not going to be unpacking those boxes any time soon.

Poor Steve.

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I don't know why I read comments at the end of news/entertainment site articles. I really don't. I guess it's kind of like looking at a trainwreck: you can't not do it.

There is, however, an occasional comment that's so stupid that it's actually brilliant in its spectacular idiocy. Case in point, one from an article about the Captain America character sheet release for the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

First, the eye candy image in question, for reference purposes only, of course. *coughs*

 photo b_l9xmbusaagsda_zps72a24cdb.jpg

Aaaand the comment:

"I’m excited for this movie and all, but I also don’t get why at this point we’re still getting promo with Captain America and Iron Man only from the neck down..."

Am I wrong, or does this image also include, you know, everything from the neck *up*? I could be wrong, but I... kinda think there's a head and a really great jawline and fierce eyes and the hair oh the hair face there??

It gets better:

"...all I see is Chris Evans dressed up as Captain America."

I know, right?? Such a disappointment. Apparently the real Steve Rogers couldn't be convinced to play himself in the movie. Probably wanted too much money. Or maybe he was too busy trying to find Bucky. Whatever, we're stuck instead with that lame-a** Chris Evans doing cosplay.

Yeah, I probably won't even bother seeing the movie.

(Eyes rolling so hard right now... you don't even know....)
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"I dunno, Cap, I think it's okay that Peter Jackson tinkered with the timeline. At least Aragorn got a mention."

"Estel is only supposed to be TEN YEARS OLD. Not a Ranger already out in the wilds. You can't change the book like that!"

"Well, you and I are supposed to be dead, but here we are, so... yeah, not gonna argue too much about movies tinkering with book canon."

 photo IMAG5085_zps5523565c.jpg

Hee hee... in my headcanon, Cap is a stickler for book canon.

Aaand...yes, I haz new toys (I also have new bobbles, which will appear in the next Cap & Bucky Bobble adventure)! These are both from the Marvel Select line, and no, I was not going to leave them in the box for future collectible value's sake... I wanted them so I can play. Bucky is comics!Bucky rather than movie!Bucky, though Cap is definitely CA:TWS movie!Cap. Not sure why they went comics!Bucky but more Chris Evans with Cap, but no complaints... I love the look of comics!Bucky.

 photo 1351718740_3693_cover_zpsdd870ca9.jpg

There's other quirky differences between these two action figures: Cap can sit, but Bucky can't. But Bucky can do a pretty good side kick and nearly do a split (which fits his comics' canon of having Olympics-class skills at gymnastics and black belt skills at martial arts), whereas Cap's legs aren't flexible enough. Hence Bucky casually leaning with his legs crossed and Cap sitting on the little box that came with Bucky's set. Bucky has way more "toys"--a box, a little bottle of red juice of some sort (Infinity Formula, probably? In my mind, that's what it is, anyway) and a cup half-full of same (yes, I'm a cup-half-full person), and three different guns. Cap has... a shield. And that backdrop that Bucky's standing on (Cap's sitting on Bucky's backdrop, which is basically a big round shattered window and lots of detritus, which seems... very Buckyesque. I'm assuming it's some remnant of a HYDRA base he destroyed). Alas, Bucky doesn't have any knives, though. Oh well.

And yes, they're keeping watch over the Nativity, and that's the card, behind them, from the Tolkien Society, which was what started their discussion about The Hobbit. *g*

I... may or may not be looking into getting the Marvel Select Falcon. Which looks very, very cool. I do have a birthday coming up, after all, and I might just have to get myself a present.


Happy Tuesday, everyone!
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Marvel presents the Marvel Avenger Model 2.0 Logsplitter. Runs on green energy but some care and lots of feeding required...

 photo tumblr_ne6ahmTofE1qzco77o2_500_zps145ec104.gif

(Actually, this is new footage from Avengers: Age of Ultron, released during the Marvel Event today.)
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Interesting article today on what the Russo brothers will include in Cap 3:

"The heart of the movie will be Steve Rogers’ complicated relationship with his childhood friend Bucky Barnes..."


This relieves me greatly, because after some of the little things coming out of Comic-Con, like, I dunno, THIS...

Cap's Shattered Shield, Age of Ultron, SDCC photo Btk3uwhCYAAO3KR_zps6a271247.jpg

.... I was seriously worried that Avengers: Age of Ultron would mark the end of Steve Rogers. Now... kinda doesn't seem like it will? One would hope??

Cap & Bucky Bobble are relieved. I think. )

Yeah, like the article says, their friendship is... complicated.


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