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In which Cap gets a craving and learns that some candies didn't make it into the 21st century, because of reasons.

Or ... That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means...
Or ... Well, This Is Awkward...

Under a cut because it's a teensy bit PG-13ish... )
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So much has happened since last we looked in on Cap & Bucky! But the biggest thing is... it's no longer just Cap and Bucky! Natasha Bobble arrived, and Bucky was so gobsmacked he fainted dead away.

 photo IMAG4092-1_zps34d4e257.jpg

Fortunately, he recovered pretty quickly. So quickly, in fact, that Cap could only blush as he turned away to give them a moment.

 photo IMAG4094-1_zps9398161d.jpg

Life has been pretty good for these three, until this weekend. Hubby has been working on the phone lines in our house and had to move the computer armoire away from the wall to access the phone jack, and so the world shifted for all the folks living in my armoire.

Cap and Natasha took it in stride. They survived the Battle of New York and giant alien slug monsters, so a little shift in the armoire is pretty much a day at the beach.

 photo IMAG4119-1_zps1c5a48c7.jpg

Poor Bucky, though... change just isn't something he deals with well at this point in his recovery from all that HYDRA put him through. Fortunately, he found a very safe spot to hide until things settle back down.

 photo IMAG4118-1_zpse20f2cab.jpg

*the poses in the last two photos courtesy of my hubby's random moving of the bobbles and Aragorn so he could work. He has no clue that I turn his and Hannah's fiddling with my toys into stories. Yes, dear, you are married to an eight-year-old. hee hee.
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Their quest, like just about everything else in life, is interrupted by FIFA...

 photo IMAG3642_zps13bfabfc.jpg

Bucky: Wow, Cap, your flag blanket's really soft and comfy.

Cap: Bucky, pay attention to the game!

 photo IMAG3644_zpsad207cd3.jpg

Bucky, sleepily adjusting goggles: Just don't throw your shield at the TV if we lose, all right?

Cap: I can't make any promises...

Some two hours later....

 photo IMAG3645-1-1_zps5888b8bc.jpg

Bucky: There, there, Cap. At least you didn't throw your shield at the tv.

Cap, pounding head on floor: We never get past this round... never... whyyyyyy???????
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In which their musings about Strider are interrupted by A Stranger....

In other words, it was Joe Kelly bobblehead night at the baseball game I went to yesterday... )Day 5, Day 7

*If you're interested in the whole stand-off story, read about it here.
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 photo IMAG3497-1_zps363d13b6.jpg

Cap: So, Mister, um, Arathorn...

Aragorn: Call me Strider.

Cap: ... Okaaaay.

Bucky, whispering: Oh swell, he just keeps getting weirder all the time. What the hell kinda name is Strider? Sounds like a damn pony... hey, Steve, you remember listening to the Belmont on the radio at Wallis' store, you know, when we were twelve? All the kids were there... and you had a real thing for Ruby Hennessey and she was right there next to you. And there was that horse running, Strider-something... remember? I actually remember all that! We had that bet on him that if he won, you'd have to kiss Ruby Hennessey. *whistles* Boy, do I remember her! She was, what, 16 and already a real looker, it's no wonder you were gone on her. Ha! And when that horse won, you turned red to your ears---

Cap: Bucky... I'm glad you're finally remembering stuff, but ... shut up, wouldja??

 photo IMAG3498-1_zpsa9bc5c82.jpg

Bucky: Fine. You talk to that Mr. Arathorny Strider mug. I gotta better things to do, so I'm going to lay here and dream about Ruby Hennessey...

 photo IMAG3423_zps91b87f7d.jpg

Cap: Sigh.

(Day 4) (Day 6)

*In no way should my Cap & Bucky Bobble adventure story be considered part of either comic book or movie canon. I know... duh. But just saying it to make it all official and everything.
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(Many pardons for falling behind... I have a feeling what constitutes a day in real life isn't the equivalent to a day in Cap & Bucky Bobble land....)

 photo IMAG3420-1_zps2d5b86e1.jpg

Bucky, whispering: What's up with this guy? We have his sword? I have a freakin' metal arm. I don't need his sword. Why would he offer his sword??

Cap: I think he meant it metaphorically...

Bucky: What, is he a knight of the Round Table or something? And what the hell is up with that get-up he's wearing? He looks like a real weirdo...

Cap: He's a weirdo?? Dude, have you looked in a mirror lately?

Day 3 Day 5
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After the whole pipe-smoke fiasco, Bucky, whose mother did not raise idiots, retreats to a safe distance while letting Cap do the talking...

 photo IMAG3409-1_zps08eb72be.jpg

Cap: Um, I'm Captain America... but you can call me Steve. The man you just kicked is my best friend, Bucky Barnes.

Aragorn: I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and if by my life or death I can save you, you have my sword.

Bucky, muttering: And apparently his boot...

Cap, thinking: The way this guy talks, he must be related to Thor....

Day 2 Day 4
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In which Bucky learns not to anger smoking Rangers....

 photo IMAG3406-1_zpsb693e8f1.jpg

Aragorn: Does your silver-armed friend have any other comments about my pipe smoke?

Cap: No, sir!

Aragorn: Gesundheit, by the way. And, er, my apologies. Didn't mean to kick you quite so hard nor in that, er, particular spot.

Bucky: whimper.

(Day 1) (Day 3)
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In which Captain America and Bucky Barnes realize that, while they were respectively frozen in an iceberg (Cap) and unthawed only long enough to wreak havoc but never allowed to go to the movies or read a book for fun (Bucky), they missed out on one of the best literary and cinematic events of the last half-century.

So it begins... )


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