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My dearest [ profile] bluegerl it is with much mortification I wish you a happy belated birthday! I saw from your post that it was indeed a happy one, so may these pics of a certain curly-smiled, soulful-eyed sweetie extend the enjoyment a little longer!

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Have a lovely day filled with peaceful moments, [ profile] claudia603 !

Lazy afternoon. #pipsqueak #catsofinstagram #cats
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A day late because of Internet issues, but I hope your day was lovely, [ profile] dreamflower02!

 photo sunlitdaisiescropped2.jpg
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATH!!!!!!!!!!!! May your day be filled with Rangers and maybe a couple of WWII soldier buddies. :)

Rangers on Alert - Halbarad and his Chieftain photo 27445_900_zps969ca81d.jpg
Rangers on Alert - Halbarad and his Chieftain" by [ profile] rs9

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May you have a beautiful birthday, [ profile] ellynn_ithilwen ! Have some flowers to brighten winter (although hopefully your winter isn't as bleak and cold as mine....)

 photo IMG_5362.jpg
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For some reason I didn't get your birthday notification until today (the 6th), so I missed saying this yesterday: happy birthday, [ profile] rhapsody11! I hope it was lovely and peaceful.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] mrowe! May it be filled with men who know a thing or two about long lives...

 photo a0003ab.jpg

 photo avengers_x_abused__reader_steve_rod.jpg

 photo tumblr_n4o56t6Mv21spaor1o1_1280_zpsa3cdf0e6.jpg
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I chat with you more on twitter than here these days, but if you see this... have a rain-kissed iris from my garden this morning for your birthday!

Rain can be hard on irises but beautiful, too. #gardening #Ozarks #nofilter
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Happy birthday, [ profile] imbecamiel!! May your day be filled with Rangers and Elves!
 photo a0174a.jpg

(And a bonus well-turned-out super soldier...)
 photo avengers_x_abused__reader_steve_rod.jpg

Hope you have plenty of cake. I hear they all eat a LOT. Especially that fella in the brown uniform....


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