Jan. 12th, 2017

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"Wait a minute... an ice storm is coming? But it was 72F yesterday!"

Our temps this morning dropped 20 degrees in less than 30 minutes this morning as the cold front barreled through. Yesterday's high was indeed 72 and balmy... t-shirt weather that continued into the night where even at 2 am it was still in the 60s (nothing like having to dig out the summer pajamas in January). I had windows wide open in every room of the house. But it's all down hill now. *sobs*

Today will be okay, but tonight and all day tomorrow into Saturday, we'll be getting freezing rain and ice. They *say* our area will "only" get about a quarter- to a half-inch accumulation of ice, which isn't enough to bring down trees or power lines, but with these things, you never know. If I disappear for any length of time, chances are it's because we lost power and I don't want to run the computer on the generator (power surges abound with those and it's not the best for electronics even with surge protectors).

Sometimes memes are really on the nose....

As a non-superstitious person, I'm not saying that I'm nervous, but this might try the resolve of the most non-superstitiously-minded...
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MANY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES TO [livejournal.com profile] nefhiriel !!!!!!  I *knew* it was a Thursday but on the 5th my brain said, "No, it's NEXT Thursday" and I didn't think to doublecheck. *sigh*

I now have the date tattooed on my forehead entered into my phone calendar app instead of relying on LJ for the reminder, because apparently LJ has turned traitor and doesn't send them on time, if at all (I still haven't gotten one for your birthday. *glares at LJ*) From [livejournal.com profile] imbecamiel's post, it sounds like it was a lovely time!

Happy week-after-your-birthday!!


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